Tyre and Alloy Insurance from £299

Tyre & Alloy Insurance provides motorists with protection against damage to their tyres and alloy wheels. The growing complexity of modern car tyres means they are becoming increasingly expensive to replace, so tyre and alloy insurance is gives you the motorist, peace of mind. 

The Tyre & Alloy Insurance plan is tailored to suit your individual demands and requirements, it's not a one size fits all. Optional cover is available between 1-3 years, covering you between 6-18 claims.

Car Care Plan Tyre & Alloy Insurance provides cover on:

  • All car tyres, including the spare
  • Cover for run-flat tyres
  • The cost for any tyre replacements, including fitting
  • Accidental damage and punctures

If you would like to learn more about our Tyre & Alloy Insurance then please get in touch with our team, they are waiting to welcome your call.

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