MAZDA GAP INSURANCE (Combined Return to Invoice & Finance Gap Insurance)

FROM £299 for 24 months (pricing in effect as of Tuesday 1st March 2022)


If your vehicle is stolen or written off as a result of an accident, fire or theft, most insurers will only pay market value for your vehicle – even if the claim was no fault of your own. Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle at the time of loss, the market value may be substantially less than the price that you paid for it originally.

Our Combined Return to Invoice and Finance GAP Insurance will pay the difference between your Motor Insurer’s settlement figure and the amount you originally paid for your vehicle in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is declared a total loss. And if the amount required to settle the finance agreement is greater than the original invoice price, we will cover the higher figure, meaning you won’t be paying for a vehicle you no longer use.


You will be eligible for the policy if you are, or will be:

  • Fully comprehensively insured on the vehicle, and will be throughout the term of cover.
  • Purchasing a vehicle with an invoice price of up to £50,000.
  • The registered keeper of the vehicle.
  • You are resident in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
  • Not purchasing a commercial vehicle weighing over 3.5 tonnes.
  • Not using the vehicle as a taxi, emergency vehicle or for private hire.

    • If your motor insurance excess cannot be recovered from a third party, we will cover up to £500 of the excess for you.
    • A maximum benefit of either £15,000 or £25,000 in the event of a total loss, depending on the policy selected.
    • If, at the date of loss, your finance settlement figure is greater than your original invoice price, we will settle this higher figure for you.
    • Finance shortfall cover up to 60 months.
    • Temporary replacement vehicle cover up to 30 days and for a maximum of £30 per day.


    As well as the features and benefits of our policies, it’s important that we make you aware of the product exclusions. On the right are some of the major ones. This should not be used as a substitute for your policy documentation, which details the policy exclusions in full.

    • Any warranty charges, insurance premiums, road fund licences and dealer-fitted accessories not listed on a manufacturer’s price list.
    • Vehicles that are used for hire and reward, speed testing and pacemaking.
    • Vehicles NOT comprehensively insured under a UK motor insurance policy throughout the term of cover.
    • Theft of the vehicle by an individual who has access to the keys.


    £0 - £15,000​​24 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance​£10,000​£299
    £0 - £15,000​36 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance​£10,000​£399
    ​£0 - £15,000​​​48 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance​£10,000​£499
    £15,001 - £25,000​24 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance​£15,000​£349
    ​£15,001 - £25,000​36 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance​£15,000​£449
    ​£15,001 - £25,000​48 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance​£15,000​£549
    ​£25,000 - £50,000​24 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance£25,000​£399
    ​£25,000 - £50,000​36 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance£25,000​£499
    ​£25,000 - £50,000​48 Months RTI & 60 Months Finance£25,000​£599


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