Charging Electric Cars Conveniently With ŠKODA Iv Chargers And POWERPASS

Škoda is taking the next steps towards optimising electric mobility for everyday driving. As part of its ŠKODA iV ecosystem, they now offer chargers for home or business charging. The Powerpass enables Škoda iV vehicles to be conveniently charged on the go. The Škoda iV Chargers are available in three versions and meet all individual customer requirements, from everyday drivers to fleet operators. Škoda’s extensive service package includes comprehensive advice, on-site installation and future servicing of the Box. The Powerpass offers access to up to 195,000 charging stations throughout Europe with convenient monthly billing.

ŠKODA iV Chargers enable electric vehicles to be charged quickly and conveniently.

The iV Chargers can be used at home or be offered as a benefit for company employees or guests in private hotels and restaurants. Thanks to their robust and weatherproof construction, the boxes can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The Chargers are designed with a single-phase or three-phase connection, allowing them to flexibly adapt to the location’s electrical installation. The Chargers are a central part of the Škoda iV ecosystem, which offers Škoda customers a wide range of electromobility services. In addition to mobile services, this also includes the Powerpass; a single RFID card (RFID: Radio Frequency Identification) or the Powerpass smartphone app enables convenient and straightforward charging at almost 80 per cent of all charging points in Europe.

ŠKODA iV Charger in three different versions

The chargers are available in three different versions: The basic version is the Škoda iV Charger, which is ideal for use in private households. The Škoda iV Charger Connect also supports a LAN and WLAN connection and therefore offers a range of additional functions. For example, the charging process can be controlled remotely using the POWERPASS app, and this charger also comes with an RFID reader that prevents misuse, for example in multi-storey car parks. The top model in the range is the Škoda iV Charger Connect+, which offers enhanced remote-control options. In addition to LAN and WLAN, this charger also features an LTE connection, allowing it to communicate with the server via the mobile network. Besides an RFID reader, a certified electricity meter is also integrated, which makes it possible to track consumption in the Powerpass app.

Charging times depend on the output of the charger and the vehicle’s capacity

Depending on the specific vehicle’s charging capacity, a charger can provide up to 7.2 kW with a single-phase connection and up to 11 kW with a three-phase connection. With an output of 7.2 kW, a Škoda Enyaq iV 50 with a completely empty 55 kWh battery (52 kWh net) can be fully recharged within 7.5 hours. Thanks to the higher charging performance of the 11 kW unit via the three-phase connection, a fully discharged Škoda Enyaq iV 80 with an 82 kWh battery (77 kWh net) can also be charged to 100 per cent again in the same time. The Škoda Superb iV with plug-in hybrid drive supports a maximum of 3.6 kW. This means that its discharged 13 kWh battery (10.4 kWh net) is completely recharged within 3.5 hours.

POWERPASS with three tariff structures and monthly billing

While on the go, the Powerpass allows owners of the all-electric Škoda ENYAQ iV and CITIGOe iV as well as the Octavia iV and Superb iV, each with plug-in hybrid drive, to conveniently charge at up to 195,000 charging stations across Europe. In addition to the public fast charging points of the Europe-wide IONITY charging network, this includes many other public charging points operated by other providers. The charging process is easy to start with just one RFID chip card or via the Powerpass app. Users are billed monthly and can choose from three tariff models. The Powerpass will be gradually introduced from mid-April 2021.