Nottinghamshire Police Strengthens its Fleet with 100 New Škoda Cars​

​Nottinghamshire Police, known for its commitment to safety and efficient operations, has recently expanded its emergency vehicle fleet with the addition of 100 new Škoda cars. This move aims to enhance the force's ability to fulfil its duties across various functions, from neighbourhood and roads policing units to driver training. The decision to choose Škoda was based on the brand's reliability and operational responsiveness, including the option for turnkey conversions directly from the manufacturer. This significant upgrade to the fleet demonstrates Nottinghamshire Police's dedication to ensuring the safety and efficiency of its operations.

The New Škoda Cars

The delivery of the 100 new Škoda cars comprises 92 Octavia Estates and eight Superb Estates, each serving different purposes within the force. The Octavia Estates, available in 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TDI SE Tech models, will be primarily utilized in response and neighbourhood policing roles. These vehicles will be equipped with emergency warning equipment, a full livery kit, and a light bar on the roof. Additionally, the Octavia Estates will also be used by the driver training teams.

On the other hand, the Superb Estates, specifically the Sportline Plus 2.0 TSI 280 DSG 4x4 specification, will be deployed in dog units and road policing roles. The Superb Estates for dog units come with bespoke kennel conversions developed in collaboration with Pressfab EVO Limited, one of Škoda's approved converters. These conversions include specialist air conditioning and blue light fitments. The road policing cars, on the other hand, are equipped with a full blue light fit, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), and a matrix board.

Škoda's All-Inclusive Turnkey Conversion Service

Nottinghamshire Police has benefited from Škoda's all-inclusive turnkey conversion service, which has allowed for seamless customization and adaptation of the vehicles to meet the force's specific requirements. This service ensures that the vehicles are equipped with the necessary features and functionalities, such as emergency warning equipment, full livery kit, light bars, and bespoke kennel conversions for the dog units. By collaborating with approved converters, Škoda ensures that the conversions meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Škoda's Commitment to Emergency Fleets

Škoda has made significant strides in providing vehicles and services tailored to the needs of emergency fleets. Their commitment to serving the Ambulance, Police, and Fire and Rescue teams across the UK is evident in their bespoke emergency service converters. These converters enable the integration of the emergency services' communications platform within the infotainment touchscreen, as well as the installation of 360-degree lighting. Additionally, Škoda's approved specialist converters can cater to individual conversion requirements, ensuring that each vehicle is optimized for its specific role within the emergency fleet.

The Škoda Epiq: Expanding Škoda's Electric Portfolio

Aside from strengthening Nottinghamshire Police's fleet, Škoda is also expanding its electric portfolio with the introduction of the Škoda Epiq. The Škoda Epiq, scheduled for launch in 2025, is a battery-electric city SUV crossover that will cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles. With a target price of around 25,000 euros, the Škoda Epiq aims to provide an affordable option for customers interested in electric mobility.

Design Study and Key Features of the Škoda Epiq

A design study of the Škoda Epiq offers a first glimpse of the upcoming model. The vehicle, measuring 4.1 meters in length, boasts a spacious interior and a generous luggage capacity of up to 490 liters. The design study showcases the Modern Solid design language, which combines power, functionality, and authenticity. The exterior features sculpted lines, a sleek bonnet with the new Škoda wordmark, and a Tech-Deck Face with modern LED elements. The interior of the Škoda Epiq follows the minimalist Modern Solid design approach, focusing on durability, practicality, and sustainable materials. It includes an open storage compartment with a wireless mobile phone charger, Simply Clever compartments, and various storage options.