Škoda Auto gears up to produce the next-generation Kodiaq

As one of the new Škoda models to debut this year, the second-generation Kodiaq is already in the starting blocks. As Škoda will continue to manufacture its successful SUV in Kvasiny, the Czech car manufacturer has already begun the comprehensive adaptation of the production line. The first pilot production vehicles are already being produced, while series production will commence next year.

Michael Oeljeklaus, Škoda Auto Board Member for Production and Logistics, says: “The preparations for the production of our upcoming second-generation Kodiaq are already in full swing. As is typical for Škoda, we are once again using existing infrastructure while cleverly integrating new technologies. However, comprehensively adapting and further future-proofing an assembly line that remains in operation is a highly demanding task both technically and logistically. At the same time, we have also successfully redistributed and optimised our model production and were thus able to free up additional capacity.”

The new Kodiaq will also be availa”le a’ a plug-in hybrid – preparations are already in full swing

The automaker is spending about 12 million euros to modify the production line so that it can also accommodate future demands. The line is currently set up to create the Kodiaq iV with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The investments entail the modification of robots for the application of window adhesive as well as the integration of already-existing technologies including manipulators, conveyors, and chassis assembly. Then, every day, up to 410 second-generation Kodiaqs should leave the factory.

Kodiaq as a trailblazer for the Škoda SUV campaign

The second generation of Koda Auto's largest SUV, the Kodiaq, will be unveiled this autumn, with the market introduction scheduled for 2024. Modern, effective petrol and diesel engines, a plug-in hybrid, and - for the first time - a mild hybrid will all be offered on the model. The automaker is elevating its largest SUV in terms of safety, technology, and versatility. The new Kodiaq will be equipped with everything needed to expand on the success of its predecessor.

Škoda X: New centre for developing in-car digital services and smart technologies launches

Škoda has launched a new advanced technology centre focused on the development and deployment of digital and smart services. Škoda X will look to deliver products across all its models, including the Enyaq iV, which bring greater owner convenience.

Peer-to-peer car sharing, which enables private owners to rent out their own vehicles to other people, permits car-sharing for those who don't want to own a vehicle full-time. This is one of the initial services being evaluated by the technology centre.

Depending on what the user needs, it offers a bigger range and number of cars. Additionally, the system is being developed so that Koda dealers can use it to enable prospective buyers to schedule lengthy test drives of models like the Enyaq iV before making a purchase.

The Prague-based innovation cluster is also testing a novel energy storage system composed of recycled Enyaq iV battery models to create standalone charging stations for electric vehicles. where it would be impossible to establish many charging stations, the ability to offer a charging infrastructure.

It will also serve as the hub for several other technologies that are currently undergoing trials across Europe, such as the new Pay to Fuel services, accessible through the car's infotainment system, and the DigiCert service, which boosts confidence for anyone buying or selling a used Koda model.

The Škoda Digital Certificate, available through Care Connect Remote Access, offers customers a comprehensive range of vehicle data, including vehicle identification, technical specifications, current mileage, prepaid service and warranty extensions, and the complete service history. The DigiCert automatically records the vehicle’s mileage on a weekly basis once Škoda Connect Remote Access services are activated. The DigiCert helps to provide greater confidence in the vehicle when buying or selling it.