Skoda Improves The Fast Charging Capability Of The New Enyaq Iv Models.

SKODA is reducing the amount of time new ENYAQ iV owners will spend charging by including upgraded DC fast charging as standard on all new models. The upgrade, which is part of the brand's ongoing commitment to providing exceptional value for money, means that new owners will be able to significantly reduce charging times when connected to the new generation of higher power DC rapid chargers.

The update applies to both the new ENYAQ iV 60 and ENYAQ iV 80 models, allowing buyers of the 60 to charge at up to 120kW as standard, while buyers of the 80 can charge at up to 125kW as standard. Previously, both models came standard with a maximum charging rate of up to 50kW. In practise, this reduces the charge time (to 80%) for an ENYAQ iV 60 charging at up to 120kW charger from 55 minutes to 35 minutes*. With up to 125kW DC charging, the time is reduced from 1hr 10 minutes to 38 minutes for the ENYAQ iV 80.

While the majority of public DC rapid chargers in the UK have a 50kW output, a new generation of high output chargers is being installed across the country. These advanced new units have outputs ranging from 120kW to 350kW and are designed to drastically reduce charging times. All ENYAQ iV models are compatible with any rapid charger that has an industry-standard CCS connection.

The new SKODA ENYAQ iV 60 has a WLTP combined range of 255 miles when fully charged, while the ENYAQ iV 80 has a WLTP combined range of 336 miles. The WLTP combined range of the 80 SportLine is 330 miles.

The UK's public rapid charging network for electric vehicles continues to grow, with approximately 250 new connections being added each month. There are currently 4,770 rapid DC public chargers in operation at 3,060 locations across the UK. There are also over 1100 ultra-rapid (100kW+) units online now (source: