​Škoda system warns of potential potholes as research finds more than a quarter of UK drivers have damaged their car on an undetected pothole​

​Škoda UK research has revealed more than a quarter (27%) of British motorists have had their car damaged by potholes, on the day the Asphalt Industry Alliance’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance report reveals the extent of pothole problems in England and Wales.

According to Skoda study, repairing a pothole-related vehicle often costs more than £200. Skoda's Local Hazard Information Service is available to help drivers avoid damaged roads and possible damage to their vehicles. The sophisticated system, which is an element of Skoda Connect internet services, alerts drivers to dangerous driving conditions and may help them avoid expensive repairs.

​Of the UK drivers who have experienced damage from a pothole, the most common issues were punctures (47%), followed by tracking misalignment (26%) and a cracked spring (22%). The regions encountering the most damage were the North East and South West of England, while the region in which the fewest vehicle repairs needed to be carried out was the East Midlands. The top issues drivers face by potholes are:

1. Tyre puncture

2. Tracking misalignment

3. Cracked spring / broken shock absorber

4. Buckled / bent wheel

5. Damaged alloy wheel

=     Damaged exhaust / catalytic converter

6. Tyre sidewall bulge

7. Broken power steering

8. Lost hubcap​

Škoda technology can help drivers avoid costly repairs by providing alerts when they are approaching or within an area with bad road surfaces via the Local Hazard Information Service. A feature of Škoda Connect, it can provide drivers with hazard warnings along their journey and is available in all current Škoda models.

Ciao, Ħello, Hej! New Škoda Adventure Index names Italy, Malta and Denmark as Europe's best road trip destinations

Airport-weary British drivers are gearing up for a mile-munching summer of European road trips. To help drivers select their perfect destination Škoda divided its finding into three categories: Camping and Environment, Adventure and Road Safety.


Heading the Environment category is Italy, which scored highly for world heritage sites and low CO2 emissions. Italy tops the charts when it comes to historical landmarks with no fewer than 58 UNESCO sites located around the country. Germany and France complete the top three, with the former offering a number of must-visit sites including the gothic cathedral in Cologne. For drivers wanting to travel to a country with the least environmental impact, Denmark, which sits in fifth place in the Index, is considered to be one of the most environmentally-friendly countries in Europe. In 2020, the country committed to a 2030 target of a 70% reduction in CO2 levels compared to 1990 levels.


Topping the Adventure category is Malta, a destination that offers everything from stunning scenery to ancient heritage sites and a plethora of water sports. Cyprus and Portugal complete the top three in the Adventure index.

Taking data and review scores from TripAdvisor, Škoda found that Malta offers visitors a huge variety of adventure-based activities. And, thanks to its relatively small size, visitors don’t need to travel far to discover a new activity. Malta also scored highest for extreme sports, with 28 activities per 620 miles - the highest ratio in the Index.

Road Safety and Camping

Škoda’s researchers focused on EU countries that have the safest roads and most campsites available to travellers. The data takes into consideration the number of campsites per 62,000 miles, driving incidents per 100k people, and driving fatalities per million for each country. Denmark tops the charts with the safest driving routes and an ample choice of campsites. The Netherlands and Ireland round out the top three with the former offering some of the best camping opportunities in Europe. The so-called camping capital of Europe, The Netherlands has an average of 75 sites per 62,000 square miles, including the top-rated Rijinsburg site at Vakantiepark Konigshof.

To help drivers make the most of their European road trips, Škoda offers a range of accessories including a Travel Pack that consists of roof bars and a 380-litre roof box. Available for every model in the Škoda range, prices start from £625 including VAT.