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Once your vehicle is three years old, it legally requires an annual MOT Test. The purpose of the test is to check if it meets current road safety and environmental standards.

Norton Way Citroën is part of a nationwide network of Citroën Autorised repairers who know your Citroën best. So if your MOT is due, why not contact us today?

Benefits of choosing Norton Way Citroën​ for your MOT

  1. Cost: Available for only £45 and is completely hassle-free.
  2. Technicians: Your vehicle will be looked after by our expertly-trained, DVSA accredited Citroën technicians.
  3. Check your Citroën: We will carry out a free outstanding manufacturer diagnostic test and check for technical updates - all free of charge.
  4. Transport Solutions: We offer a range of solutions including Collection & Delivery, Courtesy Cars and while-you-wait appointments, meaning you can make the most of your day.