The Benefits Switching to an electric - or hybrid - vehicle means playing your part in reducing harmful CO2 emissions through automotive activity. All-electric models emit zero CO2 and use no fuel, taking their power from an electricity source. This means you can benefit from improved running costs, exemption from road tax, and even cheaper maintenance costs. Plus, with government grants helping make purchasing as affordable as possible, you can invest in an electric car today for a cost that is competitive and manageable.
How to Charge A selection of charging options are provided for use at home, with the opportunity to install a dedicated charge box among them. Of course, you can also charge via a traditional three-pin outlet, or take advantage of the many thousands of public charging points to be found across the UK at petrol stations, supermarkets and more.

Model Line Up

Nissan has been a pioneer in the world of electric motoring since debuting the acclaimed LEAF back in 2010. It has since refined performance of this model and incorporated the technology into a number of other models. Learn more about those currently available at Norton Way Nissan.

More about us

We at Norton Way Nissan are dedicated to providing the very best service when it comes to investing in an electric vehicle. In fact, we work tirelessly to help you make the decisions that best suit you, finding the right vehicle for the right price. As our reviews show, many of our previous customers have found such service to be invaluable to their purchase.


How do you charge a Nissan electric car?

Charging solutions are available both at home and in public. From dedicated wallboxes and charging cables, to high powered options at service stations, you’ll never be too far from a suitable solution.

How long does it take to charge a Nissan electric car?

This depends on both the model and the charging device being used. Details of charge times for each individual model can be found in the vehicle’s handbook.

How far can a Nissan electric car travel on one charge?

Again, the maximum range depends on your chosen model, with the LEAF offering up to 168 miles and the e-NV200 Combi 106 miles. Factors such as your driving style will all impact the range available.

Can I charge a Nissan electric car in public?

Yes. A UK-wide network of charging points can be found at petrol stations, garages, supermarkets and more, each providing you with suitable charging opportunities.

What is the road tax for a Nissan electric car?

With zero CO2 emissions from any all-electric vehicle, road tax comes with no charge.

Do Nissan electric cars need servicing?

Yes. Like any vehicle, an electric car should be serviced frequently, with the scheduled intervals detailed in your handbook.

What are the benefits of Nissan electric vehicles to the environment?

Unlike petrol or diesel models, electric vehicles do not emit any harmful CO2 into the atmosphere, making them cleaner and greener options.