Meet the 2019 Nissan IMs Concept

This year Nissan's contribution to the Detroit motor show is this 'elevated sports sedan' concept called the Nissan IMs. The term elevated is used as it's an EV powertrain, a mighty one at that. The IMs features twin electric motors and a 115kWh battery for a total of 435bhp, 590lb ft and a range of 380 miles.

Nissan explain that they have cherry picked styling accents from a range of their most successful models. In addition to these accents are a stunning set of suicide doors and futuristic holographic tail lights.

Currently a huge point of interest for Nissan is Autonomous driving and the IMs is no different. The concept is capable of manual and autonomous driving modes. Inside the interior is fluid and can move about to accommodate the different driving modes. The steering wheel for example will only expose itself in the manual driving mode, tucking away neatly when it's not needed. When in autonomous mode, the head and tail lights will change colour as to alert other road users of its self driving.

Other features include 'invisible to visible' tech, a gadget to literally help you see around corners and the car can produce a virtual passenger for you to travel with.

With the release of the all-new Nissan Juke lingering around the corner, perhaps this magnificent SUV concept could be a glimpse into the styling direction of the next generation of Nissan's.