1972 Skyline with 450hp at SEMA 2019

SEMA 2019, the home of modified cars, a chance to show off your wild and wonderful custom builds. Much like this 1972 Skyline built by owner and custom builder Joel Tan. His Skyline has been extensively modified with a turbocharged 2JZ dual VVT-I engine, pushing out 450hp and mated to a 5-speed transmission. Keeping this monstrously powerful engine is an uprated Koyorad radiator

The car was originally right-hand drive, so Tan converted it to left hand drive and fitted the car with a rack-and-pinion set up taken from a KP61 Toyota Startlet. The steering rack feeds a beautiful set of 14-inch Colin Project Wheels rolling on R888 toyo tyres. The wheel/tyre combo looks menacing with the car’s low aggressive stance.

Asked the amount of dough he’s spent on the project, Tan replied in the way only a true car nut can: “I’ve lost count already, sir.” By Tan’s description of the vehicle’s reception—he calls it a “showstopper”—at this year’s show, it seems like it was money well spent.