Nissan GT-R

Camera Cars Don't Get Better Than This...

What's the only car that could keep up when filming with a Nissan GT-R Nismo? Another GT-R...

If you've ever seen any behind the scenes photo's or footage of a big car photo or film shoot, you might have seen a big performance SUV such as a Cayenne or Mercedes following it, fitted with a big camera rig. But what if the car you're filming is blindingly quick? Well, you need a blindingly quick car to chase it in!

Pro driver Mauro Calo is known throughout the film industry as a skilled wheel-man but this time he took to operating what just might be the ultimate camera car, the Nissan GT-R.

With Nissan's help, Calo found the perfect ride for the job, a post 2011 facelift GT-R good for 537bhp. Calo then took to the task of mounting the car with a custom built semi-carbonfibre camera gimble which hangs from a tubular exoskeleton. The whole structure is then mounted to the crash structure for maximum stability.]

The camera can be mounted to either the front, or the back and only takes around 20 minutes to switch between. Finally the car was wrapped in a matt black finish to avoid reflecting light onto the vehicle it's shooting.

Nissan GT-R