Nissan and Italdesign set their sites on a 710hp GT-R50 crossover

Due to the success of the GT-R50 debuting at various shows this year, Nissan and Italdesign are allegedly setting their sights on a similarly special crossover. The Japanese-Italian partnership will this time be designing a luxury crossover body to sit on the bonkers 710hp Nissan twin-turbo V6 powertrain. The same powertrain on the GT-R50. The unit is essentially the 3.8 litre 600hp engine from a GT-R Nismo, but tuned up to a mighty 710hp with 780Nm of torque. To handle the power and transfer it to the road will be a rear mounted BorgWarner dual clutch semi-automatic setup pushing the power to all four wheels.

The signature grey and gold colour scheme will remain with key styling elements including a pronounced power bulge on the bonnet, stretched LED headlights and a large front air splitter.

It's thought that the project is Nissan's response to the growing market of sports SUV's such as the Range rover SVR. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Lamborghini Urus and many more, becoming ever popular.

Unlike the GT-R50 with a price tag of around £900,00, the crossover will be designed to have a wider appeal, and far more attractive price tag of around £200,000. You can expect to see this car in concept form late 2020.