Nissan Introduces ARIYA to the Metaverse through electrified British art

The artwork, showcased in digital and in large format outdoor sites, allows you to enter Nissan’s metaspace experience to explore the artwork by scanning the available QR code. Users will then be directed to the electrified art landing page where they can start to explore the room. The environment will automatically load and instructions given as to how to connect two electric power leads together to open the artwork portal and move around the electrified city, the Nissan ARIYA will descend onto a platform in the centre of the room whilst users can explore each piece of art.

  • A unique and ground-breaking way to explore ARIYA’s all- electric world
  • Five unique pieces of electronic artwork produced by 5 different digital artists from 5 different clean air UK cities
  • Utilising WebXR technology to create 3d and 2d cross-platform experiences

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"This piece shows a futuristic spaceman leaving his Nissan ARIYA parked in a desert. Another figure waits behind a portal into another dimension. The story behind the two figures? Two evolved humans have found a way to bring future technology into the present through interdimensional portals. The idea is that a better world exists in another dimension and we’re finally tapping into its potential. ARIYA’s lights and the portal illuminate the dark, barron desert in front of the Birmingham skyline as a classic retro wave sun sets over the world. An electrified grid symbolises ARIYA’s power to electrify."

Retro Manni - Birmingham


"The story behind my peace is about elevating and electrifying London into the future and beyond. The horizon shows a futuristic cityscape, representing progress through technology, electrification, and energy. In the foreground, Nissan ARIYA charges through London. As it moves through the streets it pulses with electricity, connecting to the streets through streaks of light and glowing colours."

Tishk Barzanji - London


"My piece is all about the excitement of an electrified road trip through the city of Leeds and beyond. The panoramic illustration shows the route that Nissan ARIYA has taken through the streets with bold, neon trails. My aim is to give viewers a scene that they can spend some time exploring, with lots to look at and find. It should mirror the feeling we get when we’re exploring a new, electrified city. Vibrant gradients bring the city to electrifying life as the energy of the car turns it on."

Janice Leung - Leeds


"​Taking inspiration from iconic Japanese illustrations, this piece shows Nissan ARIYA driving through Liverpool trailed by a powerful wave of energy. The surge of electricity created by ARIYA brings the cityscape and its characters to life. The wonderfully unique scene bursts with colours and energy."

Neil Keating - Liverpool

"I created a futuristic Manchester streetscape to show the electric force behind Nissan ARIYA. Streaks of red electricity pulse through through the streets and also represent tail light reflections that you see when nighttime driving. ARIYA stands out in the scene as the future of electrified driving begins. My style is represented in the buildings wrapped with a deep glassy layer. Blue hues represent the the electricity that runs through all of our homes and powers our cities."

Anitdote.PSD - Manchester