Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Redefining the way we move

Nissan's Intelligent Mobility technologies look to re-imagine the way we travel from A to , moving with more exhilaration, confidence and safety. From cars that drive themselves, park themselves and EV cars that charge themselves as they drive.

Nissan Intelligent Driving

Nissan will soon be taking the stress out of driving, leaving just the joy. The car it'self will be your designated driver, able to pick you up, navigate heavy traffic and park up, all by its self at the touch of a button. They will even be able to communicate with other cars and pedestrians. These technologies are already being tested on public roads today, which means the future of driving is almost here.

LEAF intelligent mobility

The new Nissan LEAF makes every drive more exciting

The new Nissan LEAF is the first car in the range to be kitted out with the Intelligent Mobility technology. The LEAF shares the driving jobs with you, removing much of the stress that comes with everyday driving. For example, on the motorway, push the ProPILOT button, and the LEAF will keep pace with the flow of traffic, steering for you as well. when it comes to a tough tight parking situation, push the ProPILOT park button and watch the car park its self easily into the parking space.

New Nissan Intelligent Mobility Technologies


Pushing this button allows your car to handle the steering and complete vehicle control​, to automatically manoeuvre into a parking spot.


Upon activation, this funcion allows your car to automatically keep up with the flow of traffic, holding the speed and lane discipline for you. ProPILOT can even bring you to a complete halt and bring you back up to speed again in heavy traffic situations.

Your 6th Sense

Many Nissan's across the range already feature advanced safety technologies to watch your back and continuously monitor the situation. In some cases some can even step in to intervene, keeping you and other road users safe.

*You should not rely solely on driver convenience features. Some features may not work in all conditions and circumstances. Speed and other limitations apply. For terms and conditions relating to Nissan technologies, please click here.