In the fast-paced world of commercial vehicles and vans, Nissan has established itself as a leading manufacturer known for innovation and reliability. With the upcoming release of the next-generation Interstar, Nissan is set to revolutionize the van industry once again. This article explores the groundbreaking features and capabilities of the new Interstar, highlighting its game-changing design, all-electric powertrain, and suitability for businesses of all sizes.

The Next Generation Interstar: A Game-Changing Van

Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar

Increased Size and Versatility

The next generation Nissan Interstar has undergone significant enhancements to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With increased size and versatility, this van can be customised to cater to the unique requirements of various industries. The assertive front grille and commanding presence of the Interstar exude a truck-like feel, making it stand out on the road. Moreover, the Interstar offers a wide range of body derivatives and sizes, ensuring that businesses can find the perfect van for their operations.

All-Electric Powertrain

One of the most exciting features of the new Interstar is that the interstar is also available with a 100% electric powertrain. Nissan has introduced the Interstar-e, the first fully electric large van in their lineup. This electric version of the Nissan Interstar offers a sustainable ride without compromising on performance. With an 87kWh battery providing a top range of over 286 miles, users can confidently reach their destinations without worrying about autonomy. The Interstar-e also features rapid charging capabilities, allowing for up to 157 miles of range in just 30 minutes. Additionally, there is a shorter mission version available with a 40kWh battery, providing approximately 124 miles of range. With its eco-conscious design, the Interstar-e complies with urban policies on pollution and air quality, making it an ideal choice for businesses operating in environmentally conscious cities, which is important for vans that often do many miles.

Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar loading bay

Interstar Tailored to Meet Business Needs

Efficiency and Capability

The all-new Nissan Interstar prioritises efficiency, maximum capability, and customer well-being. Designed to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes, the Interstar delivers practicality and power in equal measure. The Interstar offers a range of factory-built conversions, including Tipper, Dropside, and Box Van options. This versatility ensures that businesses can find a large van solution that perfectly suits their operations. Whether it's high cargo volume, long-distance driving capability, or heavy-duty hauling, the next generation Interstar has got it covered.

Design and Reliability

Nissan understands that reliability is crucial for vans for businesses on the move. That's why the Interstar comes with Nissan's standard warranty of five years or 100,000 miles, providing peace of mind for every journey important for van drivers. The revamped interior of the next generation Interstar sets it apart from its predecessors. Durable seat covers, heated windshields, and seats not only protect the vehicle's upholstery but also provide comfort and support for drivers during extended periods behind the wheel perfect for van drivers on long commutes.

Factory-Built Conversions

The next generation Interstar offers a wide range of factory-built conversions to accommodate various business needs. Whether it's a Tipper for construction companies, a Dropside for deliveries, or a Box Van for transporting goods, the Interstar can be customized to meet specific requirements. These factory-built conversions ensure that businesses can hit the ground running without the hassle of aftermarket modifications that van owners have to do.

Work Better, Live Better with Interstar-e

Sustainable and High-Performance Ride

The Interstar-e, Nissan's first fully electric large van, offers a more sustainable ride without compromising on performance. With its 87kWh battery, this electric van provides a top range of over 286 miles, allowing users to reach clients without worrying about autonomy. The Interstar-e is designed primarily for inner-city driving and complies with all urban policies on pollution and air quality. By choosing the Interstar-e, businesses can contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Rapid Charging Capabilities

Nissan's D/C Charging technology equips the Interstar-e with rapid charging capabilities. In just 30 minutes, the Interstar-e can recharge up to 157 miles, making it ideal for businesses that need to keep moving. Additionally, A/C Charging capabilities allow for depot charging, providing a 10-100% charge in under 4 hours. These rapid charging capabilities ensure that downtime is minimized, allowing businesses to maximize their productivity, and ensuring the van is always available to do its job.

Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar charging

Complying with Urban Policies

Operating in eco-conscious cities requires vehicles that meet stringent regulations. The Interstar-e complies with all urban policies on pollution and air quality, giving users peace of mind as they operate in environmentally conscious areas. By choosing the Interstar-e, businesses can navigate urban landscapes with confidence, knowing that they are making a positive impact on the environment. Where this is most apparent for urban van drivers in London, with ULEZ regulations.

Interstar, Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

Class-Leading Aerodynamics and Payload

The next generation Interstar boasts class-leading aerodynamics, thanks to a 20% Drag (SCx) reduction. This aerodynamic design not only enhances the Interstars performance but also allows businesses to save on fuel or electricity. The Interstar offers exceptional payload competitiveness, with the electric version of the van is capable of carrying up to 1.6 tonnes and the ICE options nearly 2 tonnes. This impressive payload capacity makes the Interstar suitable for businesses that need to transport heavy-duty cargo.

Enhanced Towing Capacity

Whether it's for construction, transportation, or any other industry, towing capacity is essential for many businesses. The next generation Interstar does not disappoint in this regard, offering a maximum towing capacity of 2500kg. This towing capacity opens up a world of possibilities, allowing the van to tow a wide range of products, goods, or equipment with ease. With the Interstar, businesses can expand their capabilities and take on new opportunities.

interstar Redefined Interior for Maximum Comfort

Durable Seat Covers and Heated Windshield

The interior of the next generation Interstar is designed with the driver and passengers in mind. Durable seat covers protect the upholstery and ensure that the van's interior remains in excellent condition. Additionally, a heated windshield and seats provide extra comfort and support, particularly during extended periods behind the wheel. Nissan understands that comfortable drivers are more productive, and the Interstar's interior reflects this commitment to driver well-being, suitable for van drivers.

Improved Manoeuvrability

Navigating urban streets can be challenging, especially for large vans. However, the next generation Interstar is designed to make maneuvering easier than ever before. With an improved turning diameter of -1.5 meters compared to older models, the Interstar can navigate tricky urban streets with ease. This improved maneuverability ensures that businesses can access even the most confined spaces without compromising on load-carrying ability.

Interstar Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Forward Emergency Braking and Drowsiness Warning

Safety is a top priority for Nissan, and the next generation Interstar comes equipped with a wide range of safety features. Forward Emergency Braking helps prevent collisions by automatically applying the brakes in emergency situations. The Drowsiness Warning system alerts drivers when they show signs of fatigue, reducing the risk of accidents caused by drowsy driving. These Interstar safety features provide peace of mind for drivers, ensuring that they and their cargo reach their destinations safely.

Trailer Sway Assist

Towing goods can pose additional challenges, but Nissan has addressed this with the Trailer Sway Assist feature. This system provides added security while towing by actively stabilizing the trailer to prevent swaying. By minimizing trailer sway, the Interstar ensures safer and more stable journeys, even when transporting heavy loads.

Optimized Braking Power on the Interstar

The next generation Interstar features a futuristic 1-box braking system that optimizes braking power, regardless of the vehicle's weight. This system ensures that braking performance remains consistent, providing drivers with enhanced control and confidence on the road. Additionally, the Interstars reaction time for emergency braking is halved compared to previous models, further enhancing safety for both the driver and other road users.

Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar interior

The Nissan Interstar at Norton Way Nissan

At Norton Way Nissan, we are excited to introduce the next generation Interstar to our customers. As a trusted Nissan dealership, we are committed to providing businesses with the latest and most innovative vehicles. The Interstar's increased size, versatility, and all-electric powertrain make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their operations while minimizing their environmental impact. Stay tuned for pre-sales coming soon in Q2 2024, with the start of sales expected in Q4 2024. Contact us today to learn more about the new Interstar and how it can revolutionize your business.

The next generation Nissan Interstar is set to redefine the van industry with its game-changing features and capabilities. From its increased size and versatility to its all-electric powertrain, the Interstar represents a significant leap forward for businesses of all sizes. With its sustainable and high-performance ride, unmatched towing capacity, and enhanced safety features, the Interstar is ready to take businesses to new heights. As Nissan continues its commitment to sustainability and innovation, the future looks bright for the van industry, and the next generation Interstar leads the way.

Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar
Next generation Interstar