Nissan's next generation Z car reportedly named the 400Z may receive a 475bhp NISMO version

  • Rumours bubble away about a partnership with Mercedes on the next Z car
  • Autocar receive word that the next gen 'Z car' has been given the green light and will be named the '400Z'
  • 475bhp NISMO version will adapt the Infinity Q60 twin turbo V6 engine

Earlier this month rumours simmered around the internet that Mercedes and Nissan would take the same route that Toyota and BMW will be taking with the new Z4 and Supra, by working together to cut costs. It was thought that Mercedes would help with the engine and chassis. However since then, Autocar reported that they received word that this wasn't the case, and Nissan had indeed given the green light to the next gen 'Z car' the '400Z'.

The 400Z, or the Z35 as it's known internally is reported to share the same basic platform that the next gen Infinity Q60 will use. This means that that car will sport a twin turbo V6 with at least 400bhp. And if at least 400 ponies isn't enough for you, Autocar say that Nissan will release an ever hotter than hot NISMO version, pushing out as much as 475 horsepower from an all-wheel drive set up. That would be just 5 horses shy of the 480bhp super car munching GT-R from back in 2008.

This all sounds amazing, but if the rumours are true, and hopefully they are, we wont see the 400Z in showroom's until 2020, and the NISMO version until 2021! According to Autocar, we could see the new concept version of this car as early as this years Tokyo Motor Show in October, with the production versions be unveiled at the LA motor show, end of 2019.

Keeping their cards close to their chest Nissan commented saying, "The Nissan Z has been an icon of our brand for nearly 50 years and we appreciate the excitement of Z enthusiasts and sports car fans around the world. We have not announced any plans beyond the 2018 model year 370Z, and as a policy do not comment on speculation regarding future product plans."