Nissan 20-23 Concept Car

Nissan Celebrates 20th Anniversary of London Design Studio with Unveil of 20-23 Concept Car

Nissan Design Europe (NDE) recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in London by unveiling a remarkable concept car called the 20-23 Concept. This sporty urban electric vehicle was showcased on a floating barge moored outside the Nissan Design Europe studio, located in the heart of London. The Nissan 20-23 Concept car was designed by a team of talented designers at Nissan Design Europe with the freedom to create a Nissan concept car that they would love to drive on the city streets.

The Birth of the 20-23 Concept car

The Nissan 20-23 Concept car was inspired by the world of online racing and Nissan's participation in Formula E. Its design reflects a modern twist on the small hatchback tradition. The team at Nissan Design Europe wanted to bring eye-catching playfulness to the Nissan concept car, just as they did with Nissan's previous Pike cars like the Be-1, Pao, Figaro, and S-Cargo.

Exterior Design

The 20-23 Concept car features a compact 3-door hatchback body style with extreme aerodynamic addenda at the front and rear. Deep skirts direct airflow away from the front of the concept car, cooling the brakes and exiting through vents behind the front wheels. The front end of the concept car has a clean surface with distinctive LED headlights that give it a friendly appearance. The car's muscularity is accentuated by extended wheel arches, shrouding large wheels with low-profile tires.

Interior Design

Stepping inside the 20-23 Concept car, you'll find a futuristic interpretation of a racing car's bare functionality. The entry is through scissor doors, adding a touch of excitement to the experience. The interior is designed to reflect the sporty nature of the exterior, with deep bucket seats offering tight support. A rectangular sports steering wheel adorned with multiple controls and adjustments greets the driver. The interior displays vital information on a couple of screens, minimizing distractions and creating a racing simulator-like setup.

Innovative Features

The 20-23 Concept car incorporates several innovative features. The exterior grey paint on the concept car has a textured finish, giving it a rugged appearance. The rear spoiler on the concept car seamlessly emerges from the roof rail, enhancing the car's aerodynamics. The car's rear lights consist of thin semi-circle LEDs, contrasting with the functional shapes that manage airflow and maximize downforce. The concept car also features a thin air intake integrated into the roof, providing ventilation to the occupants.

The Significance of NDE's 20th Anniversary

The 20th anniversary of Nissan Design Europe is a significant milestone for the company. Nissan Design Europe is home to over 60 designers, clay modelers, digital artists, and a specialized color and trim team. The Nissan Design Europ studio's Grade II listed building on the banks of the Grand Union Canal at Paddington Basin has been a hub of creativity since its opening in 2003. Nissan Design Europe has played a crucial role in the design and development of Nissan's iconic crossover models like the Qashqai and Juke.

Nissan's Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

The 20-23 Concept car aligns with Nissan's commitment to sustainable mobility. As an urban electric vehicle, it represents Nissan;s dedication to zero-emission mobility and the advancement of electric vehicle technology. The concept car created at Nissan Design Europe showcases Nissan's vision for the future of transportation, combining innovative design and eco-friendly performance.

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The unveiling of the Nissan 20-23 Concept car at the Nissan Design Europe 20th-anniversary celebration in London marks a significant milestone for the company. The sporty urban electric concept car, by the Nissan Design Europe team, embodies Nissan's commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility. With its eye-catching design, innovative features, and futuristic interior, the Nissan 20-23 Concept car represents the future of urban transportation. As Nissan continues to push the boundaries of automotive design, the Nissan 20-23 Concept car serves as a testament to the creativity and vision of the talented team at Nissan Design Europe.