Nissan electrifies the Commercial Vehicle Show with the Townstar EV: the centrepiece of its All-Star LCV lineup​

The all-new electric Townstar will take centre-stage as Nissan brings its All-Star LCV line-up to the CV Show in Birmingham this week.

Visitors to the stand will see Nissan’s brand new electric commercial vehicle joined by the mid-size Primastar and larger Interstar models, ensuring there’s something for everyone wanting to future-proof their business operations.

Michael Auliar, sales director at Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd., said: "This event provides an excellent platform for us to demonstrate our new-look LCV range. We look forward to connecting with attendees and sharing how Nissan can support their evolving transportation needs."

The brand-new Townstar EV is a cutting-edge electric van that aids consumers in adjusting to rapidly changing electrification trends, greater urbanisation, and shifting emissions restrictions.

The Townstar EV, which starts at £30,000 (CV OTR after PiVG*), sports an advanced electric drivetrain that has been enhanced with clever energy management and battery thermal conditioning technology. It is one of the most capable and adaptable commercial vehicles on the market right now thanks to this cutting-edge system, which offers a class-leading zero-emission range of 183 miles WLTP Combined (or up to 269 miles on the City Cycle).

The Townstar EV’s 45kWh battery offers both AC charging (11 kW or 22 kW) or DC CCS quick charging, the latter of which enables users to charge the battery from 15% to 80% in as little as 37 minutes. Battery thermal cooling combined with the 22kW AC and 80kW DC CCS charging is standard from Acenta grade onward.

Every Nissan LCV boasts an industry-leading five-year or 100,000-mile warranty, demonstrating Nissan’s continued commitment to quality. The Townstar EV expands on this offering with an eight-year warranty on the battery state of health up to 70%.

The Commercial Vehicle Show is taking place at the Birmingham NEC between the 18th – 20th of April. To see the impressive Nissan All-Star line-up come and visit us on stand 5A52 in Hall 5. 

The journey is on: Epic Pole to Pole electric vehicle expedition begins

Chris and Julie Ramsey, two electric vehicle (EV) adventurers, have begun their much awaited Pole to Pole trek amidst the huge, ice-covered Arctic Ocean. After doing a thorough safety evaluation, the team departed from the 1823 North Magnetic Pole. In order to reach the most distant location on Earth, the South Pole of Antarctica, in December, they will travel more than 27,000 kilometres (km) through North, Central, and South America.

The Pole to Pole team is attempting the challenge in a 100% electric vehicle because no vehicle has ever made the trip between these poles of the world. Chris and Julie have set out on a tour to demonstrate just how thrilling and capable electric cars are, in the hopes that this may hasten their adoption as a solution to the climate change.

The expedition-ready Nissan Ariya has undergone some minor modifications to help it cope with the extreme terrains that the team are set to face along their route. Most notably the suspension has been lifted and wheel arches extended to accommodate huge 39-inch tires that will help the car 'float' on deep snow and sea ice. No modifications were made to the Ariya's battery and powertrain, which remain standard, or the e-4ORCE system, Nissan's advanced electric all-wheel-control technology.

The couple will tow a cutting-edge renewable energy unit that incorporates an extended wind turbine and folding solar panels as they traverse the isolated polar areas. The Ariya's battery will be charged by the prototype during Chris and Julie's well-earned breaks from driving in the hazardous region by utilising the anticipated strong winds and extended daylight hours. The team hopes that by encouraging a switch to electric vehicles for upcoming arctic adventure, the charging innovation will leave a beneficial legacy.