The All NEW Nissan Juke Next Generation 2020

Lets take a look at brand new UK Manufactured Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke was the new car on the block when it was first introduced 9 years ago. It had attitude and bold styling along side the agility of a crossover. It sold like crazy from the start and now there is a NEW one! Different in so many ways, however its spirit has remained the same as always. Sharing its platform underpinnings with the new Renault Clio and relates Captur, the new Juke will be built alongside the Qashqai in Wearside, near Sunderland.

The little 117bhp engine is backed up by 148lb ft, but don’t be disheartened it’s not as slow as you may think as you’ll be at full throttle for 25sec without a lift or a gearshift and the mid-rev range doesn’t show much lag; you can rev to a decent 6,500rpm. You will be given a choice of a six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmissions. It sounds like a three-cylinder when you work it but oddly like a four-cylinder when you don’t. The acceleration stats are decent with 0-62 in 10.4 seconds for the manual and 11.1 for the automatic.

The suspension is moderate to firm in springing and anti-roll. That and high-geared lightweight steering are the classic mix for making a good crossover feel. The tyres grip hard but not excessively and it feels nicely planted on the road. The Juke is capable of taking the sharp edges off ridges, bumps and small potholes and there is reduced tyre and suspension noise.

The new generation Juke has been made much bigger with a longer wheelbase for comfort and now has a larger boot space at 422 litres with a corresponding larger tail gate for ease of access.

The interior has a ‘made with care’ feel to it with padded materials and metallic knobs. You can customise your interior with some pretty bold colour schemes, which can brighten up even the darkest of days.  

Nissan Connect allows you to have fuel analysis, door locking/unlocking, status check and the use of Google’s voice assistant integrated into the car rather than the phone-based Android Auto assistant or Apple CarPlay which are present if preferred. This means that whatever you work best with, is there at your fingertips no matter what.

Higher-end Juke versions come with a good range of driver aids such as adaptive cruise and blind-spot intervention, as well as surround-view cameras. If you go for the automatic model you will have the pleasure of using Nissan’s ProPilot; a follow-to-stop cruise control with lane steering assist. The new Nissan Juke is also fitted with a Bose audio system with directional speakers in the front head rests for an amazing spacious sound.

Compared to the old Nissan Juke, the new generation houses some amazing features and additional extras for comfort and ease as well as improved drive and fuel efficiency. However, as always, the same focus remains the same as it did 9 years ago.