Nissan LEAF Powers Christmas Lights as UK Plant Marks Production of 250,000 Electric Vehicles

​A Nissan LEAF is providing the sparkle for Nissan Sunderland Plant's Christmas display to celebrate production of 250,000 of the pioneering electric vehicle in the UK.

Demonstrating the ability of the LEAF to act as a mobile power plant, the lights on the 32-foot Christmas tree and its shimmering reindeer are being powered by the vehicle's battery, using V2X (or V2X-MAS TREE) technology.

Alan Johnson, Vice President Manufacturing at Nissan Sunderland Plant, said: "Passing a quarter of a million Nissan LEAF is a tremendous milestone, and demonstrates the electric vehicle manufacturing expertise we have built up at our plant over the past decade.

"This year we have completely electrified the plant's line-up with the new versions of Qashqai and Juke launched, so lighting up the Christmas tree with our original EV is a spectacular and appropriate way to end 2022."

The Nissan LEAF's vehicle-to-grid capabilities, also known as V2X or vehicle-to-building, returns control of energy management to the owner by transforming their car into a mobile energy hub. When necessary, drivers can draw power from the battery of their car and feed it to the grid, their home, or their Christmas tree.

The system enables full grid integration for electric vehicles, increasing the grid's capacity to handle renewable energy sources and enabling more effective energy management.

The first mass-market electric vehicle in the world was the Nissan LEAF, which was produced in Sunderland for more than ten years. The record-breaking original crossover Nissan Qashqai is now available with Nissan's distinctive e-POWER system, a first for the brand in Europe, while the Nissan Juke, its B-segment stablemate, is now outfitted with an advanced hybrid powertrain.

In 2021 Nissan's Sunderland Plant was announced as the home of EV36ZERO, a £1bn flagship electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem bringing together electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery production.​

ARIYA Wins ‘Best New Medium SUV’ by The Car Expert

Stuart Masson, Editorial Director at The Car Expert commented: "The long-awaited Nissan Ariya is the deserving winner of our Best New Medium SUV award with a truly impressive driving range of up to 329 miles. Its distinctive exterior design offers something a little different to car buyers looking for an EV, while on the inside the Ariya boasts a spacious cabin and impressively refined interior. This is an electric vehicle that's not just easy to live with, but enjoyable to live with."

Nissan's introduction of the LEAF paved the door for electric automobiles to reach the mass market. The much awaited sequel, ARIYA, is a significant development in Nissan's electrification strategy. A elegant 100% electric crossover, ARIYA offers the versatility and utility of a crossover and the room, comfort, and design of a high-end city vehicle.