Nissan Paradise - Zama Heritage Collection

In the past, to get into Nissan's heritage collection museum, it's been a case of knowing the right people, now Nissan are allowing a limited number of people in each day to enjoy the sights. The dream like warehouse is a place where car enthusiasts can go to drool over their favourite Nissan's from history. Should you be heading over to Japan at any point, you'd be silly to give this a miss.

As much as this may look like a museum, the staff that look after the priceless collection insist that this isn't a museum, but a storage garage. Since opening the garage door to the public, the collection has seen more than 15,000 visitors.

Inside, the collection is comprised of cars owned by Nissan themselves, and cars that have been donated by private individuals. The current number of cars is unknown, but at last count there were over 300 cars on show, ranging from the very first Datsun 12 Phaeton to Le Mans racers, Super GT legends, and pretty much every iteration of the GT-R ever.

Around 70% percent of the cars are maintained in derivable condition, with many of them being taken to shows and events around the world, such as this years NISMO celebration event at Monterey.

If you're a petrol head, the collection is well worth a Google!...