Nissan Leaf Nismo

Nissan release LEAF Nismo in Japan

Will Nissan release their first electric hot hatch in the UK? Japanese LEAF Nismo could be a sign of things to come.

Nissan will be releasing a hotter version of their best-selling LEAF in the Nismo spec later this year. The car will feature beefier suspension and brakes, a fiercer power train and aggressive styling.

The hot hatch LEAF has been prepared by Nissan's performance division for the Japanese market only at this point, but it could be a preview of what’s to come over here in the UK. This isn’t the first-time we’ve seen the Nismo LEAF, Nissan debuted it in a very similar looking concept form earlier this year.

Nissan haven’t yet released stats on the faster powertrains performance but we have been told that in addition to the Nismo’s improved rolling acceleration pace, the car will have an improved throttle response and a quicker 0-62mph time than the current 7.9 seconds.

In terms of styling, it shares many traits with the stunning 370z Nismo such as the sports alloys (18”). The wheels now sit on different sports dampers and a different electronic stability control system. These upgrades should make the car feel more spritely and nimble when holding the road.

A new custom tuning computer enhances the cars performance, using the same 40kWh battery as the standard road car. The Nismo LEAD also sports a new front grille and bumpers as well as a hot hatch style diffused at the back with red highlights throughout the car’s interior and exterior. Everybody knows that red bits make cars go faster – it’s science!

Nothing has been mentioned with regards to releasing the car over here in the UK but it’s very likely that a LEAF will be released with similar performance upgrades next year. Fingers crossed!