Nissan unveils new approach to electrified powertrain development​​

​Nissan unveiled its new approach to electrified powertrain development, which it calls “X-in-1”. Under the approach, core EV and e-POWER powertrain components will be shared and modularized, resulting in a 30% reduction, compared to 2019, in development and manufacturing costs by 2026.

Through the X-in-1 approach, Nissan aims to further increase the competitiveness of its EV and e-POWER vehicles. Nissan has developed a 3-in-1 powertrain prototype, which modularizes the motor, inverter and reducer, which is planned for use in EVs. A 5-in-1 prototype, which additionally modularizes the generator and increaser, is planned for use in e-POWER vehicles. The X-in-1 approach, which covers 3-in-1, 5-in-1, and other possible variants, has been developed to enable EV and e-POWER core components to be produced on the same line.

With the Nissan LEAF, Nissan was the first carmaker to mass-market an EV in 2010. Nissan has been attentively listening to its EV consumers throughout the world to improve its electrification technologies. Nissan introduced its distinctive e-POWER electrified powertrain in 2016 using its EV technology. Because it is entirely motor-driven, it offers the same driving enjoyment as an EV.

​The X-in-1 approach to electrified powertrain development provides the following benefits:

  • Sharing and modularizing core components improves production efficiencies and reduces powertrain costs by approximately 30% compared to 2019. Nissan aims to achieve e-POWER price parity with ICE vehicles by around 2026.
  • Size and weight reduction of the unit improves vehicle driving performance and minimizes noise and vibration.
  • Adopt newly developed motor that reduces the use of heavy rare earth elements to 1% or less by weight.
  • The sharing of core components and control technology provides the enjoyable driving experience unique to Nissan EVs.
  • Future-proof your business with the all-new electric Nissan Townstar Van

    Commercial vehicle customers looking to future-proof their business operations and transition to zero emission motoring now have an exciting new option, following the launch of the electric Nissan Townstar van.

    The all-new Townstar, the newest member of Nissan's electrified lineup, has a starting price of £28,400 (CV OTR after PiVG*) and a class-leading range of 183 miles WLTP Combined (or up to 269 miles on the City Cycle). It offers customers an effective mobility solution to help them adjust to changing emissions regulations, increased urbanisation, and the rise of e-commerce.

    seller, which was designed with business owners’ needs in mind.

    It features an efficient, aerodynamic design and a powertrain optimised with intelligent energy management and battery thermal cooling. Delivering 122 PS and 245Nm of torque, the Townstar EV’s 45kWh battery offers both AC charging (11 kW or 22 kW) or DC CCS quick-charging, the latter of which enables users to charge the battery from 15% to 80% in as little as 37 minutes. Battery thermal cooling combined with the 22kW AC and 80kW DC CCS charging is standard from Acenta grade onward.

    Depending on the specifications, other highlights include a payload of between 600 and 800kg and towing capacity of up to 1,500kg. The Townstar EV offers between 3.3 to 4.3 cubic metres of cargo carrying capacity - enough to carry two Euro pallets starting from the short wheelbase version.

    The 100% electric Townstar will also be the first LCV to offer Nissan's ProPILOT Assist cutting-edge driver assistance system. This technology gives drivers more help, combined with Nissan's distinctive Intelligent Around View Monitor (AVM). Furthermore, heated steering wheels and automated climate control are available for increased passenger comfort. While a heat pump transfers heat from the battery into the cabin to increase economy and comfort in colder climates.