Nissan Paul Newman

Dribble over Paul Newman's racing cars from the past

  • Ten of one of Hollywood's most legendary actors' car's are set to go on display in California.
  • Cars include several Nissan's including 933bhp 280ZX

Did you even know that he was a legitimate racing driver? Just when you think he couldn't get any cooler. Paul Newman raced cars for many years, among the cars that he drove was the 933bhp twin-turbo V8 280ZX pictured above. This car was one of only three of the absolutely bonkers prototypes built.

Other racing cars in the roster include a Porsche 935, a car that he took to a a little racing event called 'Le Mans' back in 1979. It was there that Paul took the car to be a winner of it's class and second overall. An amazing feat for any profession racing driver, let alone a Hollywood super star.

Today 10 of the cars he raced along the years are being presented by lucky owner and america radio personality, Adam Carolla. Carolla is taking them down to the San Marino Motor Classic where they'll have their own special display, an homage to Newman's life on the track.

1978 Nissan 200SX
1986 IMSA GT-1 Championship winning Nissan 300ZX
V6 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1989 V6 Oldsmobile Cutlass
Le Man's class winning 1979 Porsche 935
1971 Triumph TR6 - Newman's first racing car
Nissan 280ZX V8
1979 Nissan 290ZX V8