Nissan Qashqai wins "Most reliable car" Award

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Following a survey of 50,000 consumers conducted by the UK's leading consumer affairs organization, Which?, the new Nissan Qashqai was nominated the most reliable car in the country. Built and designed in Britain, the car received a rare five-star reliability rating from expert testers who praised its practicality, dependability, and family appeal. According to the survey, Nissan's efforts with the all-new version have resulted in it being crowned as the most reliable car for 2023, which is a remarkable achievement for a car that is relatively affordable in its sector. According to Which? No other car in the Qashqai segment could score such high reliability scores. This is another factor that proves the high popularity of this Nissan model.

The award was recognition of the commitments from the engineering team at Nissan during the testing and development phase of the car. The team at Nissan's Technical Centre in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, puts all new Nissan models through a series of challenging tests before they are released for sale, guaranteeing that they meet strict quality and reliability standards. These tests include using a Climatic Four-poster Vibration Rig that simulates years of driving in just five weeks, while the engineers onboard check for anomalies. The cars also undergo extreme temperature testing, and dedicated rigs are used to repeatedly slam doors shut, simulating a lifetime of use, with testers checking for any damage to hinges and door materials. The development team even stores various leisure and activity equipment (such as prams, golf clubs, and suitcases) to test the durability of boot space liners and trims.

Achieving popularity amongst the busy automotive buyers’ market is a great achievement and Alan Johnson, Vice President of Manufacturing at Nissan Sunderland Plant, expressed pride in the fact that the Qashqai is built at their plant and is delighted to see its ongoing success with customers. Andrew Humberstone, managing director of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, commented on the importance of reliability when purchasing a vehicle and noted that receiving endorsement from an independent and rigorous organization like Which? and 50,000 consumers is a welcome recognition for everyone at Nissan who works to ensure the dependability of their cars.