Nissan’s 750 horsepower Time Attack 370Z

Nissan this year have continued their streak of bringing bonkers builds to the home of bonkers builds, the SEMA show in Las Vegas. This year they brought with them a purpose-built 370Z with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine good for 750-plus-horsepower.

However, it’s not just the earth-shatteringly powerful engine that’s impressive on this build. The engine is paired up with a HGT 6-speed sequential transmission and exhales via a side exit exhaust.

Before fitting the racer with a full cage and aerodynamics package, the Z’s body was stripped and acid dipped. Helping with downforce, the Z features a 3D front splitter, a rear diffuser and sideboards all made from Carbon Fibre.

Jump inside and there’s only one OMP carbon air race seat fitted with a quick release steering wheel and a custom instrument panel. Other than that, the interior is pretty baron.

Nissan’s Motorsport department and Z1 motorsports seem to have raided the NISMO racing parts store for the rest of the parts. To put the rains in the 750hp power unit, custom Brembo brakes have been built and fitted, along with a NISMO radiator, multiple oil transmission, a differential cooling system and RAYS alloy wheels.

The car will be put to good use for the upcoming 2020 Time Attack Racing season.