nissan 240zg

Stunning Nissan 240ZG up for auction with no reserve

Naturally aspirated sport coupe's are a dying breed. The Nissan 370Z is perhaps one of the best examples of a sports coupe available on the market. It's affordable, simplistic and packed full of power. However even the 370z is nearing the end of it's production after four decades of segment domination for the Z car. Where did it all start with Nissan in the sports coupe game? With the timelessly designed and increasingly rare Nissan 240Z.

Specifically the model in question here is the 240ZG, the 'grand' version of the standard car. This version was built only for the japanese market after being badged a Fairlady. In 1972 the car went on to win the Fuji Grand Champion series. A car like this doesn't just win a race series with good looks, it needs the performance to match - this car has a race pedigree.

This car is said to be a famous car in Japanese car collecting circles, having been in Japan since it's delivery in 1972 to a buyers in Tokyo. Not much has been said about the cars history, although there have been some slight body work changes over the years and it does sport its original 'Grand Prix Maroon' colour. The car has been very tastefully restored, including a full respray, updated original spec suspension, adding modern JDM stlye Watanbe wheels and a rear strut brace.

The car is expected to go to auction at RM Southeby's Monterey sale at the end of the year with no reserve set!