Nissan Ulez

We have a range of Nissan Electirc Vehicles that are ULEZ READY!

What is ULEZ?

On April 8th 2019, The first Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) came into effect in the same zone as the existing congestion charge zone. All vehicles operating within this zone will have to confirm to stringent emission standards in order to pass through, or pay a daily charge of £12.50. By 2012, this area will be expanded to the inner London area bounded by the North and South circular roads. Birmingham will shortly follow suit, currently planning for their own Clean Air Zone (CAZ) from 2020. Will this effect you? Is it time for an EV?

How will it affect you?

It all depends on the Euro Emissions Standard of your car. Typically, petrol Euro4+ vehicles from around 2005 and Diesel Euro6+ from around September 2015 should be compliant.

If your vehicle doesnt meet these standards, you will have to pay the £12.50 per day for entering the zone, in addition to the standard congestion charge. Unlike the congestion charge, ULEZ is in operation 24/7, 365.

Say goodbye to charges with our electric vehicles #ULEZREADY

The NV200 and the LEAF, both first and second generations are exempt from ULEZ and congestion charges. LEAF and NV200 owners will be used to the many benefits of driving an electric Nissan - low running costs and cheaper maintenance, not to mention contributing to a cleaner environment.

Nisan ULEZ
The typical charge break down for cars and vans

*charges differ for special vehicles, discount and exemption applies. Please refer to TFL website for full details.

**Cleaner Vehicle Discount applies to vehicles that must:

  • Meet the Euro 6 emission standard
  • Emit no more than 75g/km CO2
  • Have a minimum 20 mile zero emission capable range

Explore our range of electric vehicles: No ULEZ charge and no emissions


The LEAF is still the best selling electric vehicle in Europe, offering ground breaking technology with an impressive range. The LEAF is the icon for Intelligent Mobility, with features such as the e-pedal, allowing you to accelerate and break with one pedal. The LEAF is also available with self driving capabilities.



The perfect option for anyone in need of an electric commercial vehicle. The NV200 is ideal for small or large business looking for minimal overheads, low operating costs and high efficiency. A great way to get on with the job in hand, while avoiding all ULEZ and congestion charges.


The electric car that changed the game. Bringing 100% electric driving to the masses. Step into an electric Nissan with affordable pricing and lower running costs. Say goodbye to petrol and diesel and to your road tax bills.



Buy a Nissan LEAF or e-NV200 and you can take advantage of the government’s Plug-in Car grant. They’re offering up to £3,500 off the ‘on the road’ price of an eligible new 100% electric vehicle.