Nissan z
Nissan z

Unofficial Reports Suggest the Next-Gen Z-Car Will Feature 240Z Style and a Twin-Turbo V6

News on the next generation Z car occasionally trickles through, this time the internet claims that a recent US report suggests the new Z-car is going back to its Z-car roots. Although it still looks like we shouldn't expect to see it until at least 2021.

Having been on sale now since 2009, growing a vert loyal and loving fan base, the current 370Z is due for an upgrade to keep up with the competition. According to to AutoBlog report, Nissan engineers are hard at work to bring us the 370Z's successor. Designs were supposedly seen during dealer meetings, with word coming through that the front end will resemble the classic 240Z. If this is the case, maybe these beautiful but unofficial design renderings above wont be far off, with a sweeping long bonnet sunken headlights and pointed nose.

So what's likely to sit under that beautiful long bonnet? It's thought that Nissan will utilise the Infinity VR30 V6 twin-turbo engine as featured in the Infinity Q50 and Q60 Silver Sport, where power outputs range from 224kW/400Nm to 298kW/475Nm. It's understood that the engine will be powered to a 9-speed auto and hopefully a manual option will be on the cards for the Z-Car purists.

There's no official word as of yet, so let's hope these rumours aren't too far off!