MG Service Plans

An MG Service Plan here at Chiswick MG allows you to stretch the cost of maintaining your car, meaning you don't have to worry about any unexpected bills in the future. All of MG's vehicles are built with a tonne of freedom in mind, and our service plans also offer plenty of customization options. They are available for any model, regardless of age or mileage, and each car service plan is supported by transparent pricing and convenient payment choices. Every MG is also serviced by our skilled professionals here at Chiswick MG.

So, no matter what your driving life is like, with an MG Service Plan you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your future servicing is covered.

A choice of payment options

Once you have chosen the correct car maintenance plan for you, you can pay in a single one-off payment or split the cost over a monthly interest-free direct debit.

Get a service plan with us here at Chiswick MG

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Why purchase an MG Service Plan?

Free MG Roadside Assistance

If you take your car for a service at your local MG dealer, you will receive 12 months’ FREE MG Roadside Assistance provided by the AA.

Our Dealer Network

Choose from 160 dealers located across the UK.

MG Genuine Parts

Our trained MG technicians only use MG genuine parts so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that only the best parts have been specifically designed and fitted by our trained MG technicians.

MG Trained Technicians

Our fully-trained and certified MG technicians have attended extensive training courses at our academy, so you can be assured that only the most qualified technicians are servicing and repairing your MG car.

A Digital Record of your MG Service History

When you get your MG car serviced at one of our franchised dealers, your cars’ service will be added to our national database, enhancing the resale value of your car, and allowing us to ensure your car is serviced correctly.

Does the service plan cover MOTs?

Yes, the car service plan does cover MOTs. However, you will need to add this as an additional item when selecting your plan.

How often should I service my car?

It is recommended by most manufacturers to have a full car service once a year, or 12,000 miles, whichever happens first. Your car logbook will tell you when your car was last serviced. There may be times where your car needs a service outside of this, luckily we have a guide that provides 6 signs when a car needs servicing.