Auto Express MG5 EV review | MG5 Demo now available at Chiswick MG

Electric cars are sometimes criticised for being out of reach for most people. Buyers looking for practicality and value may be discouraged from switching to a new EV by the price of top-spec versions of other electric, which is creeping closer to eye-watering £40,000, and elegant city runabouts like the Fiat 500 and MINI Electric, which are priced at approximately £30,000.

Enter the MG5 electric vehicle. It challenges the newest models in the rapidly expanding electric car market with a more practical approach thanks to its useful estate body style, strong feature list, and starting price of about £31,000. Late in 2022, styling updates and better on-board technology were launched to make the 5 EV even more alluring. Where many competitors cannot compete on price and do not come close to the interior space that the MG5 EV offers, along with the more affordable running cost.

The MG5 had a 52.5kWh battery at launch, with a single 154bhp motor driving the front wheels and a range of 214 miles advertised. When using a 50kW on-board charger, it only takes 50 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80%, however using a 7kW home charger to top it off takes about 8.5 hours.

The 52.5kWh battery model is no longer available from MG. An improved MG5 Long Range model with a larger 61.1kWh battery is available instead. Although the new model's 0-80% recharge time naturally increases to 61 minutes when using a 50kW charger, it still offers a greater range of up to 250 miles per charge. However, the MG5 is now also compatible with 100kW charging, so if you have access to a charge point that is outfitted appropriately, timeframes might decrease to about 40 minutes.

MG has also added an extra treat. With its MG Pilot driving assistance package, which includes Active Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Jam Assist, and Intelligent Speed Limit Assist.

For the MG5, the SE and Trophy trim levels are offered. While the latter adds luxuries like heated seats, leather upholstery, automatic climate control, and a six-way electrically adjustable driver's seat, the former comes with enough technology for the majority, including manual air conditioning, satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, a DAB radio, and Bluetooth.

With 154bhp and 280Nm of torque, the front-wheel-drive MG5 is able to dispatch the 0-62mph benchmark in 7.3 seconds, but probably more relevant to buyers in terms of real-world driving will be the sprightly 0-30mph time of 3.2 seconds, the MG5 can definitely hold its own if you need to get off the line quickly.


The MG5 EV demo car now at Chiswick MG

The latest MG5 EV sports and updated sleek modern exterior, bring the design of the MG5 EV into the modern era with distinctive yet subtle looks, that allow the MG5 EV to stand out form the average estate car. However, you are now able to experience the MG5 EV in person at Chiswick MG with the demo car now available to test drive. Which you can book online or contact one of our sales representatives at Chiswick MG.