The first all-electric MG sportscar is coming soon…

Whilst starting to celebrate MGs 100th anniversary, an exhilarating new chapter is also expected to arrive in the summer of 2024 through the announcement of the new MG Cyberster. The new MG Cyberster is set to be the first all-electric, 2-seater, high-performing sportscar, ready for a new generation of sportscar drivers. In aims to develop the brand MG announced this highly anticipated news at Auto Shanghai 2023 and confirmed the production of the new MG Cyberster. The all-electric new MG Cyberster is Inspired by the brand's illustrious past to bring back that sporting bloodline but in a more modern and innovative direction.

The all-electric, high-performing new MG Cyberster has advanced all-electric technology which will enable 5G interconnectivity and a gaming cockpit. This all-electric technology will also have an approximated EV Range of 500 miles and provide an accelerated 0-62 mph time of below 3 seconds. The new MG Cyberster body has a streamlined design to add to the swift aerodynamic performance. The stylish new MG Grille over the MG Cybester also serves as an air duct allowing airflow over the new Cyberster chassis.

The dramatic new sportscar has a powerful exterior design taking inspiration from MG’s strong heritage. You can notice the inspiration on the new MG Cyberster through the similar characteristics such as a long bonnet, low nose, and rounded surfaces. There will also be many distinctive new features introduced such as the 2-scissor door, ‘Kamm tail’ rear, two-stage shoulder line, 'hacker blade' alloy wheels and the LED ‘laser belt’ that races down the new MG Cyberster exterior.

The new MG Cyberster interior will be modern, minimalistic, and full of technology. Inside will include a line-up of advanced driver technology. There will also be a few screens inside the new MG Cyberster including the driver's screen having all key car information and the central screen with the more interactive features. The new MG Cyberster will also feature two zero-gravity seats with floating head restraints and red leather handles.

The Cyberster is planned to arrive in the UK as well as Europe in the summer of 2024 and MG will soon announce more details of its first public appearance this year.

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Coming to Chiswick MG soon, new MG Cyberster
The new MG Cyberster exterior
Coming to Chiswick MG soon MG Cyberster
Front view of the new Cyberster
Coming to Chiswick MG soon MG Cyberster
Scissor doors shown on the new Cyberster
Coming to Chiswick MG soon, MG Cyberster
Side profile of the new Cyberster
Coming to Chiswick MG soon, MG Cyberster
Rear veiw of the new Cyberster