MG5 Electric Station Wagon Awarded 5-Star Green NCAP Rating

The MG5 Electric station wagon has been awarded the highest possible 5-star rating from Green NCAP, an independent organization focused on testing and rating the environmental performance of cars. Green NCAP put the affordable electric wagon through comprehensive assessments of its energy efficiency and emissions and concluded it sets a new benchmark for sustainability in its vehicle class.

As the first station wagon from an EV-exclusive brand, the rear-wheel drive MG5 Electric combines practicality and spaciousness with an all-electric powertrain. Powered by a 61.1 kWh battery pack, the MG5 Electric produces 115kW (156hp) and 260Nm of instant torque to deliver brisk accelerations. The efficient electric motor, aerodynamic design, and light curb weight also allow it to achieve 402km of range on the WLTP cycle.

Green NCAP’s testing ranks vehicles on three key criteria: Clean Air Index, Energy Efficiency Index, and Greenhouse Gas Index. Electric vehicles automatically receive full marks for Clean Air Index as they have no polluting tailpipe emissions. The MG5 Electric similarly performed exceptionally on Energy Efficiency, assessed through testing power consumption on public roads and highways. These stellar results secured the car’s position as one of the most energy-efficient electric vehicles Green NCAP has evaluated to date.

Finally, Green NCAP analysed the MG5 Electric’s overall Well-to-Wheel greenhouse gas emissions based on the energy mix of the European electric grid. The organization also accounted for the automaker’s use of some renewable energy in production. Factoring in these elements, the MG5 Electric lands among the models with the lowest carbon footprint measurements.

The outstanding 5-star rating from Green NCAP certifies the MG5 Electric as a leader in affordable, sustainable electric mobility. As only around 5% of vehicles tested by the organization achieve the maximum rating, this puts the MG5 Electric in an elite group when it comes to energy efficiency and environmental performance. For drivers seeking an eco-friendly family car, the flexible MG5 makes a compelling option.

MG Motor, a historic British motoring icon reinvented as an EV brand, emphasizes accessibility and ‘doing more with less’. By earning top environmental honours for the value-packed station wagon, MG Motor furthers its commitment to sustainable mobility for the masses. As the automaker continues expanding rapidly throughout Europe and beyond, the exceptional Green NCAP result sets high expectations for all upcoming models to continue raising the bar on efficiency.