Passport Pro | Norton Way Peugeot

Passport Pro

ideal for small business, Passport Pro offers a three year purchase plan for small businesses in need of a van. As only a party of the van is repaid over the contact due to the anticipated future value, the plan can be structured to suit your budget.

How does it work?

  • You decide your initial deposit (if any) and annual mileage
  • We set an anticipated future value to keep the monthly installments fixed and low

Choose from the following options at the end of your contract

  • Hand the van back with nothing further to pay (mileage, conditions and arrears apply)
  • Pay the final payment and the van is yours
  • Part-exchange the van for another, new van

Why choose this plan?

  • No van depreciation or disposal to worry about
  • You decide if you want keep the van at the end of your contract
  • Roadside Assistance is included for the duration of your contract
  • No VAT on Monthly payments

All LCV models funded on Passport Pro benefit from free of charge ply lining.