Peugeot Finance

If you're thinking of buying a Peugeot, we've got a range of flexible and cost effective finance packages to meet your needs. Our friendly finance experts will make everything easy to understand and will work out a solution that fits with your lifestyle and individual financial circumstances. Our finance packages are explained below, but please speak to a member of staff for more information.

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Passport is a purchase plan designed to allow you to change your car every three years.It gives you the opportunity to choose a vehicle as well as the deposit, a maximum mileage and the length of the agreement. Once the agreed period is over, you will then be able to buy the car outright at an amount that has already been agreed upon. This amount is known as the GMFV (Guaranteed Minimum Future Value). If you do not want to buy the car outright then you can always return it back so long as it meets the sufficient fair wear and tear limits.

Passport Benefits

  • Drive new Peugeot's more often
  • No or low initial rental deposit required
  • Repayment terms are flexible
  • Lower repayment rate when compared to a HP agreement
  • Rates are fixed
  • Fixed monthly payments to help you plan your finances

Once the agreement is over you can choose between these three options:

Option 1 - You can renew your vehicle. This means you can leave Norton Way Peugeot with a brand new Peugeot there and then. And, you can use any excess value over the GMFV as a deposit on your new vehicle.

Option 2 - Return it. So long as the car has not exceeded the agreed upon fair wear and tear limits, as well as the agreed mileage, you can return it with nothing more to pay.

Option 3 - Retain the car. All you have to do is pay the GMFV and you own the vehicle.


Compare the Finance Options

Struggling to decide? The below table gives you an overview of what each finance product consists of:





Optional Payment Holiday with nothing to pay for 3 months available

Fixed Monthly Payments

Low initial outlay available


Motor insurance included in monthly repayments

Servicing costs included in monthly repayments

Road tax included in monthly repayments

Roadside assistance included in monthly payments


Available from age 18

Available with less than two years' No Claim Discount


SAF Specialist Automotive Finance

Norton Way Group are SAF APPROVED having ensured all eligible staff have successfully passed the Specialist Automotive Finance Expert Test. This certification provides an assurance to finance customers that they are receiving expert advice from a knowledgeable motor dealership, whose staff are committed to raising standards and improving knowledge of finance sold to private and business vehicle buyers.