Peugeot's Free2Move Lease

Whether you’re a big company or a small business looking for vehicle financing, Free2Move Lease, our business finance specialists, can deliver exactly what you need.

 A division of the PSA Group, Free2Move Lease is one of the UKs largest leasing companies and is also present in several other European countries, including Germany, Spain and France. Free2Move Lease is also a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

 With over 60,000 vehicles in the Free2Move Lease UK portfolio, Free2Move Lease is able to offer competitive vehicle solutions. In addition Free2Move Lease also offer innovative connected management of servicing and maintenance.

 Free2Move Lease are:

  • The Contract Hire & Leasing and  Mobility partner of Peugeot and their 250 dealerships
  • Experts in funding options for small and large businesses
  • Specialists in Connected Services and other Leasing solutions

Hassle-Free Contract Hire and Leasing 

Free2Move Lease offer a high level of personalised services, including:

  • Car & Van Contract Hire agreements
  • Servicing & Maintenance contracts
  • Connected Management of Servicing & Maintenance
  • Accident Management
  • Roadside assistance, Road Fund Licence and fuel card via our third party partner

 These products are designed to help improve business efficiency during vehicle contracts by enabling companies to focus more on business and less on managing vehicles.

Free2Move Lease is ISO 9001 certified for automotive customer financing activities and our sales network.

ISO 9001 certification gives you the assurance of their know-how and adherence to this recognised standard.


  • Our services make up a complete package, driving efficiency in your fleet
  • You can use these services in a combined or independent way for specific needs
  • Flexible rental periods are available from 18 to 48 months and the mileage up to 150 000 miles defined at the outset of the contract but can be adjustable at any time depending on the actual use of the vehicle
  • Adapting to your needs in order to optimise your productivity and help you control the cost of using your vehicles

Free2Move Lease products and services enable you to:

  • Partner with an innovative and creative solutions for both car and van
  • Select models combining low CO2 emissions, taxation and innovative equipment
  • Reduce fuel consumption and ease daily life for your drivers
  • A complete solution to meet your needs and those of your drivers
  • Improve safety and reduce risk

Free2Move Lease Command is a vehicle management service designed to help improve business efficiency during your vehicle contracts by enabling you to focus more on your business, less on managing your vehicles.

Free2Move Lease Command Level 1 is a standard product on all vehicle contracts of 18 months or more duration. It is designed to provide service & MOT reminders, as well as potential excess mileage communications, through contract mileage monitoring. You can optionally upgrade to Free2Move Lease Command Level 2 which provides management of all maintenance, MOTs and repairs, ensuring that they are completed - providing you with peace of mind and reducing your admin.

Where vehicles are fitted with the relevant connected box technology, Free2Move Lease will utilise live mileage data from your vehicle to provide you with even more accurate and informed services. Where vehicles are not fitted with connected box technology you will receive periodic requests for current mileage readings in order to improve the accuracy of the operational information provided to you, over the course of the lease.

Also, where available, additional ‘vehicle health-related information’ will be utilised, to provide preventative maintenance and deliver even higher levels of servicing and maintenance.