• PEUGEOT unveils all new PARTNER to disrupt the market with perfect balance between convenience and drivability
  • All-new PARTNER delivers practicality and advanced technology to clients who need a stress-free mobile office
  • PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® fitted as standard on all-new PARTNER for first time in LCV segment
  • Surround Rear Vision and Overload Indicator lead driver safety aids

PEUGEOT has revealed the all new PARTNER combining practicality with a dynamic drive, a stress-free mobile office and safety for all professional clients in the LCV segment. Whatever the customer requirements, the all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER has the right answer.

All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER, which includes the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® as standard, an unprecedented move in this vehicle segment, offers a new driving experience and a setting that is conducive to productivity. PEUGEOT is revolutionising the LCV segment with a dynamic and generous offering, the perfect balance between convenience and drivability - a hallmark of the brand.

Jean-Philippe IMPARATO, Chief Executive Officer for PEUGEOT, said: “All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER renews a 20-year history of ruggedness and quality as confirmed by professional users. Following our recent launch successes, our SUV offensive with PEUGEOT 2008, 3008 and 5008 and following the lead of all-new PEUGEOT RIFTER, we had to have the same ambition for our LCV vehicle design - i.e. disrupt the market with innovative and unprecedented equipment!

“This is why the iconic PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, so loved by our clients, is fitted as standard on all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER. This high-end, rewarding vehicle provides the user with a veritable mix of practicality and pleasure.”

The first impression of all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER's interior is immediately compelling, the finish is in every aspect equal to that of a passenger vehicle. It is fitted with cutting-edge technology which creates a stimulating, instinctive and safe driving experience.

PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, of which over 4,000 000 units have been sold, is now being fitted on a commercial vehicle for the first time. So much more than a new feature, PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®is becoming a must for professional users who are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of the service they provide. An optimum ergonomic layout, tip-top comfort and exemplary safety systems make for an intuitive driving experience.

Handling is swifter and less tiring thanks to the compact, double D style steering wheel and a head-up display is available as standard to enable essential information to be received by the driver while still keeping their eyes on the road. An 8" capacitive touch screen located in the centre of the dashboard in line with the driver's vision provides direct and permanent access to key comfort functions such as radio, navigation, vehicle settings and telephone.

The new Surround Rear Vision gives drivers optimum exterior visibility from inside the vehicle with a view of the areas around the vehicle. All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER is fitted with 2 cameras, one located at the base of the passenger side mirror and the other at the top of the rear doors. The images are displayed on a 5” screen located where the interior rear mirror normally sits and provides a close view of the immediate environment.

All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER has a generous load capacity and payload and is also fitted with an Overload Alert System - a new on-board technology to guarantee total safety. The mass is automatically measured when the ignition is switched on and can also be measured from the load area when the vehicle is stationary. Once 90% of the total load capacity has been reached, a white LED lights up on the control button; if the maximum authorised load is exceeded a yellow LED lights up, supplemented by a visual warning on the dashboard. By avoiding vehicle overload, the handling is not compromised and associated dangers, such as burst tyres, loss of control of the vehicle, premature wear of components, higher fuel consumption and the risk of being fined may be avoided. Unprecedented and unique in all segments of the LCV market, this equipment is available as an option.

The list of cutting-edge technology available is impressive and has never been seen in this segment. Depending on the version, PARTNER has electric parking brake, adaptive cruise control, extended traffic sign recognition, active lane keeping assist, driver attention warning, active safety brake, a tow-bar stabiliser, automatic headlight dipping, blind spot monitoring and hands-free entry and start.

A large 8" colour touch screen provides connectivity. Located within easy reach and tilted towards the driver, it comes with two USB sockets, one auxiliary socket and Bluetooth. Wireless smartphone charging is also available as an option. The system is supplemented by Mirror Screen that is compatible with Mirror Link®, Apple Carplay™ and Android Auto™.

The connected 3D navigation system features voice control, enabling points of interest to be found in a simple and intuitive way. A 3 year subscription is offered free of charge, providing real-time traffic conditions (TomTom Traffic) and live information related to car-parks, fuel stations and the weather forecast on your route.

To further improve user safety, the 3D navigation system is accompanied by PEUGEOT Connect SOS and Assistance. In the event of an accident PEUGEOT Connect SOS raises the alarm, geo-locates the vehicle and contacts emergency services, if necessary. PEUGEOT Assistance can use information like geolocation, vehicle chassis number, mileage and mechanical warnings flagged up by the on-board computer to send a recovery vehicle if needed.

To facilitate everyday usage and to help manage vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption and journey analysis, all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER offers a range of connectivity options and all UK vehicles come from factory connected-ready.

Fleet Managers can choose from 3 different telematics packages from Free2Move Connect Fleet, providing efficiency and optimisation of fleet management. These use true vehicle CAN bus data to provide accurate information to suit a fleet manager’s needs – whether that’s mileage tracking, hours of use, fuel consumption or real-time monitoring of service intervals and mechanical alerts. Driving analysis with customised advice for the driver and real-time location tracking are also available, assisting businesses in driving down both the costs and risk associated with vehicle management.

All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER reflects a dynamic and assertive image. It continues the styling seen on all-new PEUGEOT RIFTER and fits perfectly into the current vehicle range. The front end is classy, modern and robust with its lion sitting in the centre of a vertical grill that enhances the powerful headlight design.

The profile lines are perfectly balanced with a short, horizontal bonnet, a high waistline and shorter overhangs. The bevel-cut design featured symmetrically on the front and rear ends shape the sides with a new body-line style. At the rear, the angular bumper gives force to the lower section and provides optimum protection. The unglazed hinged 180° opening wide-span doors underline the vehicle's rugged nature and constitute extra protection against theft from rear load area.

The interior design reflects PEUGEOT's passenger vehicle range: ergonomic yet elegant. The style is chic and discrete, the space is both ergonomic and versatile, incorporating countless storage solutions for perfect functionality combined with unparalleled sturdiness.

Keith RYDER, all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER Designer, said: “The EMP2 platform delivers an extremely high performance level, but it also has enabled us to produce a strong, dynamic and robust design. The new morphology has led to shorter overhangs for better manoeuvrability, a higher bonnet for greater rigidity and an optimised architecture to provide an interior that is both practical and modular.”

Special attention has been paid to acoustic comfort, key for commercial drivers spending long hours behind the wheel. The outcome of this work is a level of acoustic comfort that has never before been achieved for vehicles in this segment.

The fundamental needs of professional users were the main focus of the all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER. The dimensions are perfectly in line with the segment, with a length of 4.40m for the Standard version ensuring an optimum effective usable length of 1.81m. With a capacity ranging from 3.30m3 to 3.80m3 depending on the version, this is sufficient to accommodate 2 Europallets. The Long version, which is 4,75m long (+35cm), provides even greater load capacity. The effective length of this version is 2.16m and a load capacity ranging from 3.90m3to 4.40m3.

All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER is built on a version of the EMP2 platform that is used for the latest brand models. This tried-and-tested base enables shorter overhangs and a small turning circle for easy manoeuvring: the kerb to kerb turning radius is only 10.82m for the Standard version and 11.43m for the Long version. The payload is one of the best in the segment, with values of 650kg and up to 1000kg for certain versions, both Standard and Long. The very low fuel consumption versions have a 600kg payload.

Six anchoring rings are provided as standard to ensure that your loads are safely secured. As an option, four more mid-height load securing rings, a 12v socket and superior lighting with 6 LEDs providing an output of 237lm may be added.

The standard nearside sliding side door on Standard versions makes for excellent accessibility. An additional offside sliding side door is available as an option on Standard versions and is standard equipment on Long versions.

Depending on the version, all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER may be fitted with a Multiflex adaptable bench seat, which allows three people to sit in the front, plus provides a flat roof, 400l more load capacity and an effective length of up to 3m for the Standard version and 3.35m for the Long version. A writing table is integrated in the fold-down central seat back to convert the vehicle into a mobile office and it features a padlocked storage area underneath the central seat.

For the first time, all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER is offering a Crew Van factory option on the Long version. The rear bench seat is carried over from all-new PEUGEOT RIFTER, providing real comfort and record legroom for the segment. Another unique feature in the category is that row 2 seats can be folded down to accommodate large loads while still leaving room for the row 1 passenger seat, which in turn can be retracted to provide space for long loads.

With a capacity of up to 113l, storage solutions have been designed for multiple professional usage needs. They are always to hand and cleverly distributed throughout the passenger area - glove box, boot bin, seat pockets and even an upper glove box. Located opposite the passenger, it uses the space normally taken by the airbag (now a Bag-in Roof airbag) and is big enough to house a 15" computer, and it can be cooled. A cable grommet has been added to the box to enable a computer to be left on charge.

All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER also features a range of efficient and economical engines. The work that has been conducted on the vehicle architecture and on weight optimisation is key to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Petrol engines feature two versions of the 1.2 PureTech engine; a PureTech 130 S&S with EAT8 eight-speed automatic transmission (available in 2019) and a PureTech 110 S&S with manual six-speed gearbox. PureTech engines are fitted with a Gasoline Particulate Filter to reduce particle emissions.

Three diesel engines are available; a BlueHDi 130 S&S with manual 6-speed gearbox or EAT8 eight-speed automatic transmission, a BlueHDi 100 S&S with manual five-speed gearbox and a BlueHDi 75 with manual five-speed gearbox. Diesel engines are all fitted with a FAP particle filter and a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR). This technology reduces emissions as soon as the ignition is switched on.

In addition to the standard finish levels, for the first time, all-new PEUGEOT PARTNER is offering "ready-to-go" versions for certain ‘specific use’ profiles. Grip, a version that fully meets the need to access difficult terrains and which can accept heavy, dirty, long loads while maintaining enough room for 3 people. Sturdy enough to endure all conditions, this version features higher ground clearance, large wheels with Mud & Snow tyres, Advanced Grip Control, three front seats, increased payload of 1,000kg, supplementary lighting in the load area, a spare wheel, Overload Alert System and a 220v power socket.

Asphalt has been designed for professionals who do a lot of mileage, spend a lot of hours in their vehicle and who above all are seeking comfort and safety. This version includes upgraded soundproofing providing an acoustic benchmark, "Comfort" seats, Surround Rear Vision, electric parking brake, connected radio with 8" touch screen, speed limiter and cruise control, automatic lights and windscreen wipers, connected 3D navigation system and 16” alloy wheels. Asphalt also includes the Look Pack as standard comprising body coloured bumpers, mirror housings, side rubbing strips and door handles.

A range of options can be added to supplement these versions, ensuring the needs of all professionals are met. Last but not least, a full conversion range is planned with our partners: emergency and assistance vehicles, specific building sector vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, etc.

All-new PEUGEOT PARTNER will be available to order from Autumn 2018.