The all-new PEUGEOT 208 has been unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, with a choice of petrol, diesel and electric (EV) powertrains set to be available from launch. The zero-emission PEUGEOT e-208 is the first in a series of 100% electric models, as PEUGEOT aims to electrify its entire range by 2023.

With a 100kW electric motor and a 50kWh battery producing a range of up to 211 miles according to WLTP procedures, the all-new 100% electric PEUGEOT e-208 comes with three driving modes: Eco, to optimise range, Normal, optimising comfort and Sport, allowing the driver to focus on performance. The battery is covered by an 8 year, 100,000 mile manufacturer warranty. Distributed under the floor plan of the all-new PEUGEOT 208, the 220L battery is positioned to allow maximum cabin space and boot space to be maintained, matching the capacities of the petrol and diesel versions.

Three charging methods are available for the all-new PEUGEOT e-208:

  • Charging from a domestic plug: The e-208 charges using a classic domestic plug in 20+ hours for a complete charge
  • Accelerated charge at home: The e-208 can be charged more quickly and safely from a dedicated charging point which takes approximately 8 hours for a full charge. Government subsidies in the UK are available to support this
  • Rapid recharging at a public terminal: 80% of the vehicle charge can be obtained in 30 minutes** from a 100kW charging station. Rapid chargers can be found at most motorway service stations and are being progressively installed across the UK

Alongside these conventional charging options, the all-new PEUGEOT e-208 allows drivers to remotely activate the charging of their car via the Connected 3D Navigation colour touchscreen or by using the MyPeugeot smartphone app.The MyPeugeot smartphone app can be used to pre-programme the car’s heating, air conditioning and windscreen defrosting. In-car heating has also been improved thanks to the high-power heater (5 kW) powered by the HV battery, heat pump and automatic temperature control in the passenger compartment. Vehicle range is preserved due to improved power efficiency compared to conventional climate control and Heated seats (dependent on the version).


PEUGEOT’s new petrol and diesel model 208 has also been refined to limit CO2 emissions. Built on the latest generation CMP platform, the all-new PEUGEOT 208 is 30kg lighter than the previous model and comes with improved aerodynamics, reduced roll resistance and optimised powertrains. The all-new PEUGEOT 208 comes fitted with cutting-edge Euro6d petrol engines and Euro6d diesel engines meeting the latest EU emissions standards.

Full engine range available for the all-new PEUGEOT 208 petrol & diesel models include:

Petrol, 3-cylinder, 1.2L engines:

  • PureTech 75 S&S 5-speed manual
  • PureTech 100 S&S 6-speed manual or 8 speed automatic
  • PureTech 130 S&S 8 speed automatic

Diesel, 4-cylinder, 1.5L engine:

  • BlueHDi 100 S&S 6-speed manual

The all-new PEUGEOT 208 brings energy and style into the B-segment. The carefully sculpted curves and long bonnet in the all-new PEUGEOT 208 presents a sleek, sporty exterior. The GT Line and GT models feature gloss black wheel arch extensions and window surrounds, building on the streamlined look of the all-new PEUGEOT 208. Built to turn heads, the expressive front face of the all-new PEUGEOT 208 features a large chrome grille, the full LED 3-claw headlight signature on the front and rear, and iconic PEUGEOT Lion adorned on the front bumper. The dynamic design of the PEUGEOT 208 is enhanced by a selection of vibrant and original colours including: metallic Faro Yellow, Vertigo Blue and Elixir Red.The seductive all-new PEUGEOT e-208 comes with distinctive and unique touches which embody technology and modernity: a monogram "e" on the rear quarter panel, the dichroic Lion which changes colour from different angles and a body-coloured chequered front grille.

The cabin in the all-new PEUGEOT 208 is spacious yet pratical with all key technology at the driver's fingertips. Throughout the range the dashboard is padded and the central section features a carbon finish. Storage space has been enhanced, with 3 key storage areas around the model: Large storage area under the armrest between the front seat, easy-access tray in front of the gear level and concealable storage space in the central console that can be used for charging a smartphone. The design of the all-new PEUGEOT e-208 GT trim level is enhanced with Alcantara grey upholstery featuring a 3D technical mesh knit, and 17’ alloy wheels with special inserts.

Both the all-new PEUGEOT 208 and e-208 feature the new PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit® which offers agile and intuitive driving with a compact multifunction steering wheel, configurable head-up display, capacitive 7” or 10" HD colour touchscreen (according to version) and the 7 satin chrome ‘piano’ toggle switches. The interior environment can also be personalised with a choice of 8 RGB LED colours. All driving information can be easily accessed through the 3D digital instrument panel and can also be projected, like a hologram, via the colour touchscreen. Technological aids provided also include TomTom® Traffic, Connected 3D Navigation and PEUGEOT Mirror Screen® functionality, compatible with MirrorLink®, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto connectivity.

With Driver Assist, the all-new PEUGEOT 208 provides motorists with all the latest driving aids for a comfortable and safe ride. Driving aids include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control, Stop & Go with the 8-speed automatic gearbox (or Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go), the latter taking over driving duties in heavy traffic, below 20 mph (30km/h)
  • Lane Positioning Assist, which helps keep the car in the centre of the lane
  • Full Park Assist (with the 8-speed automatic gearbox). The system automatically manages steering, acceleration and braking when entering or leaving a parking space
  • Latest generation Automatic Emergency Brake Assist (detection of pedestrians and cyclists by day and night up to 85mph) and warns of a risk of collision
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist with course correction from 40 mph (65 km/h) upwards
  • Driver Attention Monitoring, which detects the driver’s alertness on long journeys from 40 mph (65 km/h) using steering wheel micro-movement analysis technology
  • PEUGEOT Smartbeam automatic headlight dipping
  • Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation
  • Extended traffic sign recognition (Stop, No Entry signs)
  • Active Blind Spot Monitoring (with course correction), available from 7mph (12km/h)
  • Electric parking brake

Peugeot is supporting motorists looking to make the transition towards electric. They will be launching new services to coincide with the arrival of the all-new PEUGEOT e-208. PEUGEOT’s new electric focused services include:

A range of at-home or office charging solutions with a broad choice of equipment (heavy-duty socket, Wallbox, Smart Wallbox, etc.), a diagnostic service to assess the electric installation and plan for a better charging solution and final installation. Public charge offering via Free2Move Services, including a charge pass giving access to public charging points across Europe: drivers are able to pre-select terminals according to distance, speed and price of recharging


  • Trip planner: a trip planning and organisational tool for long journeys via Free2Move Services; proposal of the best routes taking into account the location of charging stations on the route, sent to the in-car Connected 3D Navigation
  • Mobility Pass: extended mobility by means of a pass for a rental internal combustion engine when needed
  • E-coaching: a tool in the MyPeugeot app that allows drivers to receive advice on how to optimise their driving and the range of all-new e-208
  • Serenity: aiming to reassure drivers in their EV discovery process and let them enjoy their car in complete peace of mind :
  • New digital journey simulators to promote discovery and viability of the electric driving on the PEUGEOT website
  • Special service contracts and road-side assistance, which may be included in a single finance package, to ensure peace of mind at all times
  • Battery capacity certificate to facilitate vehicle resale with a guarantee of the vehicle’s battery charge capacity

**The charging time may vary according to the type and power of the charging station, the outside temperature at the charging point and the battery temperature​