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Overview of the New Peugeot 408

The New Peugeot 408 is a highly anticipated addition to its lineup, offering a unique blend of a saloon, hatchback, and SUV vehicles. Positioned between the 308 and 3008 models, the 408 aims to provide enhanced practicality, improved driveability, and efficient performance. With its striking fastback-inspired design, the new Peugeot 408 stands out on the road and offers a fresh take on automotive aesthetics.

Exterior Design

The unexpected silhouette of the New Peugeot 408 is characterized by its dynamic and inspirational Fastback stance. Its modern elegance and fluid lines emphasize its aerodynamic qualities, while the increased ground clearance adds a touch of versatility. The sleek design of the new Peugeot 408 sets it apart from other models in its class, showcasing Peugeot's commitment to innovative and eye-catching aesthetics.

Latest new Peugeot 208 details
Latest new Peugeot 208 details
Latest new Peugeot 208 details

Interior Features

Step inside the New Peugeot 408, and you'll be greeted by the latest-generation i-Cockpit®. This advanced cockpit includes a compact steering wheel with steering wheel-mounted controls, a 3D instrument unit with a 10” digital display, and a 10” HD central touch-screen. The high-quality ergonomics and technology of the i-Cockpit® provide a superior driving experience. The hatchback-style driving position, combined with a higher posture, offers a fresh perspective on the road.

Performance and Powertrain Options

The New Peugeot 408 offers a range of powertrain options to suit different preferences and needs. Among the available choices are two plug-in hybrid models and a petrol engine. The plug-in hybrid variants provide driving efficiency and the ability to travel on electric power alone, making them ideal for city centers and eco-conscious drivers. Peugeot's commitment to electric mobility is further underscored by the upcoming release of a fully electric version of the 408.

Latest new Peugeot 208 details

Technology and Safety Features

The New Peugeot 408 is equipped with a host of cutting-edge technology and safety features. The advanced infotainment system includes features like connected navigation, virtual i-Toggles®, LED ambient lighting, and a 180° reversing camera with a wash system. These features enhance convenience, connectivity, and overall driving experience. Additionally, the 408 prioritizes safety with its suite of safety features designed to keep drivers and passengers secure on the road.

Price and Financing Options

The New Peugeot 408 offers a range of trim levels to choose from, each reflecting different needs and personalities. Prices for the new Peugeot 408 start at £31,075.00 for the base trim with a 1.2L PureTech 130 EAT8 S&S petrol engine. The pricing increases for higher trim levels, such as the Allure Premium Hybrid 180 E-EAT8 and the GT variant. Norton Way offers various financing options, allowing customers to explore flexible payment plans and find the best new Peugeot 408 offer for their budget.

Conclusion: A Unique and Alluring Choice

In conclusion, the New Peugeot 408 is a compelling choice for those seeking a vehicle that stands out from the crowd. With the new Peugeot 408's innovative design, advanced technology, and efficient powertrain options, the 408 offers a unique blend of style, performance, and practicality. Whether you are looking for a versatile family car or a sophisticated business vehicle, the new Peugeot 408 delivers an alluring package that is sure to impress. Visit our Norton Way dealership, to explore the New Peugeot 408 and experience its allure firsthand.

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