Introducing the New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER

PEUGEOT's latest innovation, the New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER, is set to redefine the electric vehicle market. Designed with style, comfort, safety, and efficiency in mind, the PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER takes zero-emission mobility to advanced heights, catering to the demanding needs of professional drivers.

New Peugeot E-Traveller ay Norton Way Peugeot
New Peugeot E-Traveller ay Norton Way Peugeot
New Peugeot E-Traveller ay Norton Way Peugeot

The Allure of the New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER

The PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER allure lies in its fresh, modern design. The updated look embraces the latest range aesthetics by the brand, featuring a novel grille design with the brand's emblem at its heart. Optimized for both protection and efficiency, the bumper and full LED headlights that sport the iconic three-claw signature, exude a sense of style and sophistication.

The PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER has a digital instrument cluster and large central touchscreen ensure safety and practicality in everyday driving. An optional new heated steering wheel further enhances comfort, while larger and more storage compartments provide practicality.

The interior style is amplified with a choice of fresh fabric upholstery or perforated leather for seats, depending on the version. The side panels receive a facelift with an updated Liquid Palladium coloured trim.

Emotion: Technological Advancements for Superior Comfort and Safety

The New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the comfort and safety of both the driver and passengers. A brand-new 10-inch digital colour instrument cluster comes standard, providing an optimized and customizable display of essential information, including navigation system data and details related to energy flow and recharging.

The updated PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER comes with a standard 10-inch HD central touchscreen for controlling the multimedia system and connected navigation. The voice assistant system allows drivers to control primary infotainment functions without taking their eyes off the road.

Driver fatigue warning, traffic sign recognition, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, and speed limiter are all available on the PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER. It also benefits from an extensive range of driver assistance systems, which have been further enhanced on the PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER, including adaptive cruise control.

Excellence: More Efficient and Connected Than Ever

The PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER is powered by a new, more efficient electric motor that offers a maximum power of 100 kW (136 bhp) and a maximum torque of 260 Nm, ensuring optimal performance from the start. Three driving modes are available: Eco, to maximize range; Power, for maximum performance; and Normal, for the best compromise of both.

The New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER is fitted with a 75kWh battery that now offers a range of up to 217 miles (WLTP combined cycle currently being certified). To optimize range, the PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER features an updated regenerative braking system with three different levels using paddles located behind the steering wheel.

The New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER is fitted with a 7.4kW onboard charger (with an 11 kW three-phase charger available as an option) and can also be charged at up to 100kW on a DC rapid charger.

The New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER also integrates the latest-generation connectivity, the PEUGEOT's i-Connect® system, offering comprehensive and highly responsive connectivity thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto.

New Peugeot E-Traveller ay Norton Way Peugeot


The New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER will soon be available from Norton Way Group, a trusted dealer in the network. Norton Way Group is renowned for its customer-centric approach, providing professional, clear, and transparent services to all its customers.

In conclusion, the New PEUGEOT E-TRAVELLER is a testament to PEUGEOT's commitment to innovation, comfort, and sustainability. It is poised to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle market and revolutionize the way we perceive zero-emission mobility.

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