Peugeot's Allure Care programme, previously available only on the new E-3008, will now be offered as standard on the brand's entire electric lineup, including the E-208, E-2008, E-308, E-308 SW, and the soon-to-arrive E-5008 and E-408. This industry-leading initiative demonstrates Peugeot's unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction in the rapidly evolving EV market.

Extensive Coverage for Unparalleled Assurance

The Peugeot Allure Care programme covers the electric motor, charger, transmission, and all major electrical and mechanical components for up to 8 years or 100,000 miles. This extensive coverage complements the existing warranty on the high-voltage battery, providing customers with complete peace of mind and the confidence to embrace the electric driving experience.

Automatic Activation and Hassle-Free Ownership

Peugeot Allure Care is automatically activated and offered free of charge for two years or 16,000 miles after each service carried out at an approved Peugeot aftersales network. This seamless integration ensures a hassle-free ownership experience, allowing customers to focus on the joys of electric driving without the burden of complex warranty procedures.

Setting a New Benchmark in the EV Segment

Adam Wood, Managing Director of Peugeot UK, emphasizes the significance of this initiative, stating, "The Peugeot Allure Care aims to accelerate the adoption of electric cars, giving customers the confidence and peace of mind they need to make the switch. The extension of Allure Care to our entire electric range is proof that we put the customer at the heart of our transformation to become the leading brand in the European electric market by 2025."

Peugeot's electric vehicle lineup is already the widest among mainstream European manufacturers, and the brand is committed to ensuring that its offerings provide the best and most efficient driving range on the market. For instance, the new E-3008 sets a new benchmark in its segment with a range of up to 422 miles, while the E-5008 is the only model in its class to offer all-electric mobility for seven passengers with a range of up to 410 miles.

VIVATECH 2024: Peugeot Unveils the Future of Driving

Alongside its industry-leading warranty coverage, Peugeot is also set to electrify the upcoming VIVATECH 2024 event with the unveiling of its bold INCEPTION concept car. This cutting-edge electric vehicle showcases the brand's vision for the future of sustainable mobility, redefining the driving experience with its revolutionary HYPERSQUARE steering control.

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION concept embodies the brand's commitment to innovation and customer-centric design. Featuring a new design language that exudes a feline and attractive attitude, the concept's revolutionary interior and the promise of unprecedented driving sensations usher in a new era of electric mobility.

The Iconic PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® Reinvented

At the heart of the INCEPTION concept is the next-generation PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, which replaces the traditional steering wheel and stalks with the innovative HYPERSQUARE steering control. Inspired by both digital and video game worlds, the HYPERSQUARE creates a new, more natural and intuitive driving gesture, allowing the driver to manage all vehicle functions with simple clicks or touches of the fingertips.

Peugeot's presence at VIVATECH 2024 also showcases the brand's commitment to leveraging data and connected services to enhance the customer experience. Through its partnership with Mobilisights, Peugeot will demonstrate how telemetry data from connected vehicles can be used to personalize the driving experience and develop innovative applications, always with the customer's consent.

Furthermore, Peugeot will be exploring the potential applications of "remote driving" technology in collaboration with its partner, the start-up Vay. This innovative concept allows for the efficient management of multiple vehicles with a single remotely located driver, opening up new possibilities for delivery operations, car-sharing services, and remote vehicle relocation.