Among the first automakers to include ChatGPT* artificial intelligence into their models is Peugeot. Due to the popularity of the technology, PEUGEOT has extended the pilot phase, which was initially limited to 5,000 consumers, to 10,000 clients.

PEUGEOT has included ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence system, into its most recent line of passenger automobiles and light commercial vehicles, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to innovation on behalf of its consumers.

Artificial intelligence that generates OpenAI created ChatGPT, a cutting-edge technology. This technology uses knowledge gleaned from massive amounts of data to provide its customers with intelligent, precise, and succinct solutions.

Customers may make requests on any topic by simply activating the "OK PEUGEOT" voice assistant, which is integrated into the infotainment of the cutting-edge PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®. The integrated voice assistant relays ChatGPT's lifelike responses.

ChatGPT has the ability to converse with clients and respond to a broad variety of queries, both basic and complicated. Customers can ask ChatGPT, for instance, to recommend the top monuments to visit when they're in a new city, tell them about their history, and then direct drivers—using their car's navigation system—to these locations.

ChatGPT is capable of much more than just providing answers. For example, drivers can arrange for ChatGPT to host a quiz on any topic to keep their kids occupied while they're driving.

One of the main goals of PEUGEOT's E-LION project is to improve the customer experience. By integrating ChatGPT into its cars, PEUGEOT has improved the voice assistant's capabilities and made it more interactive, seamless, and user-friendly.

In the i-Cockpit® of every new PEUGEOT vehicle with linked navigation, ChatGPT is accessible. The new 208, new 2008, 308, 308 SW, 408, new 508 & 508 SW, new E-3008, new E-RIFTER, new E-TRAVELLER, new E-PARTNER, new E-EXPERT, and very soon the new E-5008 are among the models that qualify.

Through the PEUGEOT Service Store, ChatGPT can be activated by any PEUGEOT client who owns an eligible model. As part of a pilot program, ChatGPT is being installed in PEUGEOT automobiles. Activation and use of the system are free for six months**. This offer, which was initially limited to the first 5,000 clients, has been expanded to 10,000 consumers as a result of a subscription rate that surpassed 50% in a matter of days.

After this phase, PEUGEOT will implement ChatGPT to all customers who own qualified linked vehicles, considering feedback from users.