Peugeot Outperforms Declining Uk New Car Market

As it prepares to enter the new electric era of 2020, PEUGEOT ended the year of 2019 increasing its overall share of both the new car and new van market in the UK.

With UK new car registrations down by 2.5% for the year according to SMMT figures released today, Peugeot increased its share of the new car market from 3.4% to 3.5% with 80,851 car sales, thanks to the continued popularity of its 3008 and 5008 SUV models.

Sustained by a strong foundation, Peugeot enters 2020 with new models arriving in showrooms including the all-new 208 and 2008 SUV, and their fully electric variants, plus a raft of plug-in hybrid versions across the range to come.

Peugeot has committed to offering a fully electrified variant across its entire vehicle line-up by 2023. This follows PEUGEOT's promise of 'unboring the future' by providing consumers with a choice of powertrains to cover all needs.