Peugeot UK wants EV Investment

PEUGEOT is ramping up its electric-vehicle plans, with its UK office telling the brand’s recent national dealer conference that they should start investing in the transition.

Peugeot told dealers 100 per cent of its product range would have an electrified derivative – including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure EVs – by 2023. This is in line with strategies announced by other European car-makers for future EV sales.

UK dealers were told that they would be expected to invest in the infrastructure that EVs will require in dealerships.

In Australia, a Peugeot spokesman said the roll-out of EVs by the brand was being carefully watched.

He said the focus on EVs in Europe was due to emission regulations and the roll-out of new technologies but that this certainly did not preclude Australia from being active in EV sales in the future.

European manufacturers poised to launch EVs include Porsche (Taycan, 2019); Volkswagen (ID, 2020); Audi (e-tron, 2019), Mercedes-Benz (EQC, 2019); and Volvo’s Polestar sub-brand (2019).

Peugeot UK managing director David Peel said the company had made changes to its dealer network to prepare for the EV product range and this would create “a solid foundation to deliver success for the brand and ensuring the network continues to go from strength to strength”.

The next step in the UK is to invest in the installation of EV charge points at dealership sites across the network.

“The extension of powertrain choices, from our award-winning and efficient new diesel and petrol engines to the next generation of electrified models this year, will give customers options they have never had before by providing a car for every customer’s needs,” Mr Peel said in an interview with Automotive Management Online.

“The sales figures we have seen from the past year are a testament to the great job our united dealer network is doing, and we have full confidence in them taking on the changes set to come in 2019 with the enthusiasm and energy to drive the Peugeot brand forward even further.”

Peugeot’s market share in the UK rose 0.19 per cent during 2018, and though it barely registering as a gain, it was against the backdrop of the overall vehicle market’s 1.44 per cent fall in registrations.

The strong performance was credited to the brand’s new breed of SUV, with over 42,000 2008s, 3008s and 5008s sold through the year.

Peugeot franchisees achieved an average of one per cent return on sales (RoS), earning more than $A182,000 in cash profit.

The company said that the figure was a demonstration of ongoing profit growth within the network as it targets a 1.5 per cent figure for all its retail partners. In 2015, RoS stood at 0.6 per cent with cash profits of less than $A118,000.

Peugeot’s low-emission vehicle strategy is being rolled out following the showing of the e-Legend concept car in 2018 that formerly marked the start of the brand’s transition towards electric power and autonomous driving.