The new Peugeot e-3008


Peugeot, renowned for its innovative and stylish vehicles, is set to revolutionize the electric car market with the launch of the new Peugeot e-3008 in the UK. As part of Peugeot's commitment to providing a broad range of electric vehicles, the e-3008 represents the next generation of electric SUVs. Built on Stellantis' new STLA architecture, the e-3008 is poised to set new standards in terms of design, performance, and sustainability.

A Winning Team Reinvented

With over 1.3 million units sold worldwide since its debut in 2017, the Peugeot 3008 has established itself as a winning model. However, Peugeot's team of engineers and designers has taken this success as an opportunity to rework and improve upon the original formula. The result is the all-new e-3008, which aims to maintain the model's number one position while pushing the boundaries of modernity and beauty. According to Gaëtan Demoulin, Brand Project Manager for the e-3008, the new SUV represents bold choices and strong concepts that align with the transforming automotive market. The e-3008 retains the original model's strong exterior and interior styling, unrivaled driving pleasure, and excellent performance and equipment. These elements have been enhanced to create a lasting impression and ensure the e-3008 stands out in the competitive electric SUV segment.

Greater Allure, Greater Efficiency

The Peugeot e-3008 enters the electric era with the Allure trim, combining style and efficiency. Its curved, aerodynamic fastback SUV lines make a stunning first impression, while its compact size and comfortable interior provide a practical and enjoyable driving experience. With 520 litres of boot space, the e-3008 offers ample room for both passengers and cargo. The front end of the e-3008 features a high-tech design, highlighted by a signature new grille and ultra-thin PEUGEOT PIXEL LED headlights that automatically adapt to traffic conditions. These design elements not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also contribute to the vehicle's efficiency and safety.

Cutting-Edge Electric Technology

At the heart of the Peugeot e-3008 is its cutting-edge electric technology. The STLA Medium architecture, designed with electric cars in mind, provides a solid foundation for the e-3008's performance and range. The e-3008 comes with a standard 73kWh battery, offering an impressive range of up to 326 miles on a single charge. The e-3008's electric motor delivers a powerful 207bhp and 251lb ft of torque, allowing for quick acceleration and smooth, silent driving. With a top speed of 105mph and a 0-62mph time of just 8.7 seconds, the e-3008 offers a dynamic and exhilarating driving experience.

Intelligent Interior Design

The interior of the Peugeot e-3008 is a testament to Peugeot's commitment to quality and style. The use of premium materials, such as fabrics and aluminum trim, creates an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. The dashboard features backlit fabrics that change color based on the selected driving mode, adding a touch of elegance to the interior. The e-3008's interior is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The seats provide excellent support and comfort for both short commutes and long journeys. The cabin is spacious and offers ample legroom and headroom for all occupants. Additionally, the e-3008 is equipped with the latest infotainment and connectivity features, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.

Sustainable Driving Made Easy

Peugeot understands the importance of sustainability and has integrated several features into the e-3008 to support eco-friendly driving. The regenerative braking system recovers energy during deceleration and braking, helping to extend the vehicle's range. Additionally, the e-3008 is equipped with an advanced energy management system that optimizes power usage for maximum efficiency. Charging the e-3008 is made simple with a variety of charging options. Whether using a standard household socket or a fast-charging station, the e-3008 can be conveniently charged at home or on the go. Peugeot also offers comprehensive support for e-3008 owners, including access to a network of public charging stations and personalized charging plans.

Safety and Technology

Peugeot has always prioritized safety, and the e-3008 is no exception. The SUV is equipped with a range of advanced safety features, including lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. Additionally, the e-3008 features the latest driver assistance systems, such as parking assist and blind-spot monitoring, to ensure a safe and stress-free driving experience. The e-3008 also boasts an array of cutting-edge technology features. The infotainment system, displayed on a high-resolution touchscreen, provides access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings. Smartphone integration allows for seamless connectivity, while voice control enables hands-free operation. The e-3008 is truly a vehicle at the forefront of technological innovation.

Peugeot's Commitment to Sustainability

The launch of the e-3008 is part of Peugeot's broader commitment to sustainability. By 2025, Peugeot aims to offer the broadest electric range of any generalist brand in Europe. The e-3008 is just the beginning, with more electric and hybrid models planned for the future. Peugeot's dedication to reducing emissions and providing eco-friendly transportation options is shaping the future of mobility.

Experience the Peugeot e-3008 at Norton Way

To truly appreciate the Peugeot e-3008's exceptional design, performance, and sustainability, visit Norton Way, your local Peugeot dealership in the UK. The knowledgeable and friendly team at Norton Way will guide you through the features and benefits of the e-3008, allowing you to experience firsthand the future of electric SUVs.


The Peugeot e-3008 represents a new era of electric SUVs, combining style, performance, and sustainability in one innovative package. With its striking design, advanced electric technology, and intelligent interior, the e-3008 offers a driving experience like no other. Peugeot's commitment to sustainability and its dedication to providing high-quality vehicles make the e-3008 a top choice for those seeking a greener and more enjoyable driving experience. Visit Norton Way today to discover the future of electric SUVs with the Peugeot e-3008.

New Peugeot e-3008 at Norton Way Peugeot
New Peugeot e-3008 at Norton Way Peugeot
New Peugeot e-3008 at Norton Way Peugeot
New Peugeot e-3008 at Norton Way Peugeot
New Peugeot e-3008 at Norton Way Peugeot
New Peugeot e-3008 at Norton Way Peugeot