Peugeot Protection Accessories

Keeping your Peugeot in pristine condition can sometimes be challenging with unpredictable weather, pets and challenging driving situations. A range of protection accessories have been created to offer extra protection and help stop harsh elements making a mess of your car.


Three packs are available to choose from:

  1. Pack 1 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps: Provide protection for your original carpets inside your car and shield your exterior body work from damage caused by road debris.
  2. Pack 2 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps and boot tray: Add a high sided boot try, perfect to provide separation in your boot from dirty items or contain liquids against potential spills.
  3. Pack 3 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps, boot tray and sill protectors: The full suite of protective accessories with the addition of sill protectors, ideal to avoid small scuffs and scratches.

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Norton Way Peugeot can fit both front and rear parking sensors to any vehicle, which are ideal to protect you against an unexpected situations. 

An audible beep is emitted when your vehicle approaches an obstacle, with them becoming more frequent as the vehicle becomes closer.

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Peugeot mats are designed to fit the shape of your foot well perfectly without them being forced into place, unlike generic car mats. Peugeot offer a wide selection in a range of materials, including: 

  • Carpet mats with a range of attractive designs
  • Velour mats for a touch of luxury
  • Rubber mats, ideal for a hard-wearing option


  • Designed to fit each individual Peugeot
  • Driver's side mats clip into place
  • Both stylish and hard-wearing

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Mud Flaps

Peugeot Mud Flaps are designed to fit specifically to your vehicle, each moulded design complements the lines of your vehicle whilst protection the bodywork from road debris.

Ideal to keep your Peugeot in showroom condition.

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