Mazda2 Hybrid Introducing the Mazda2 Hybrid Starting From £24,135.00



Lower your emissions when driving in the city. The hybrid system recycles energy back into the battery when you brake, so you'll generate zero tailpipe emissions when driving in EV mode.



The Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect companion for eco-conscious city dwellers who don't want to change their driving habits. The Modern hybrid technology gives you the best of both petrol and electric worlds.

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From: £23,730.00


  • 7" centre display,
  • climate control air-conditioning,
  • Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™

From: £24,580.00


  • 15" Alloy wheels
  • Black fabric seat trim
  • 8” Colour touch-screen centre display featuring Apple Car­Play® & Android Auto™
  • AM/FM/DAB radio with 6 speakers
  • Parking aid – Reversing camera
  • Smart keyless entry
  • Start / Stop but­ton

From: £27,050.00


  • 16" Alloy wheels
  • Sports style front seats with black fabric and synthetic leather seat trim
  • Air Conditioning - Dual-zone climate control
  • Ambient interior lighting
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) with Parking Support Brake function (Rear-crossing vehicles)
  • Front fog lights - LED
  • Headlights - LED with LED daytime running lights and automatic high beam
  • Head-up Dis­play - Windscreen projected colour
  • Park­ing aid - Front and rear park­ing sensors (aud­ible warn­ing)
  • Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS) – Parking Support Brake (PKSB) (static objects)
  • Pri­vacy glass (rear side and rear win­dows)
  • QI Wireless charging for smartphone
Mazda2 Hybrid Features


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Designed with passion, driven by obsession. The Mazda2 Hybrid seizes the moment with an expressive design that conveys its passion for life and love of movement. The rounded curves and glossy skin are re-invented throughout the design of the Mazda2, which is up-to-date modern, and relevant complimenting its modern hybrid system.

    Detailed exterior The various versions of the Mazda2 Hybrid, offer different details such as headlights, wheel covers, mirror, and grill details. These all help to make your Mazda2 Hybrid more personal, and more interesting.
    Striking headlights The Mazda2 hybrid stands out from its Mazda2 counterpart with an updated exterior, leading this change and uplift is the sleek headlines that blend seamlessly into the bodywork.
    Imposing front end The updated bodywork is helped by the imposing front end with striking body lines and grill, giving presence to the small city car to stand out from the average small hatchback.


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    Available as part of the optional Comfort Pack on Mazda2 Hybrid Agile models, the dual-zone climate control air-conditioning system automatically regulates fan speed, airflow, and temperature, whilst also letting the driver and passenger select their personally preferred individual settings.

      10.5" Colour touch screen In the centre of the dashboard sits either a 7" or 8" colour touchscreen, which is not only full of technology but also de-clutters the front dashboard making the inside feel less overwhelming or cramped with multiple buttons.
      Spacious comfortable interior Although a small city car, the Mazda2 hybrid has ample space and feels bigger on the inside, with a comfortable stylish interior, making it a pleasant place to be for all occupants.
      Spacious boot Being a small city car, the Mazda2 Hybrid is not expected to have a large boot, however, does offer a good amount of boot space with a capacity of 286 litres.


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      In the Mazda2 Hybrid, you'll find that all-electric mode will be utilised the most when driving around town or in the city. In these urban stop-and-go environments, electric driving is particularly efficient and exciting. No charging cable is required as the Mazda2 Hybrid will fully charge itself without you noticing it.

        Alternate driving modes The Mazda2 Hybrid features four different driving modes:

        Provides an optimal balance of fuel economy, quietness, and dynamic performance. Suitable for normal driving.

        POWER MODE
        When extra power is needed, this mode controls the hybrid system to provide quick, powerful acceleration.

        Helps the vehicle drive in the most eco-friendly manner, improving fuel economy by making the engine work the most efficiently.

        EV MODE
        The button EV mode forces the vehicle into full electric mode. Due to the small battery, the electric range is limited to a maximum of around 0.6 miles (depending on battery charge).
        Small and compact Being small and compact, the Mazda2 Hybrid, is perfect for driving around the city, easy to drive with a short wheelbase offering quick sharp handling. Perfect for new drivers or those looking for a small car for the city.
        Hybrid engine In the Mazda2 Hybrid, you'll feel that it immediately zips more energetically away from rest. That has much to do with the dense cells used in the 0.76kWh lithium-ion battery that powers the two electric motor-generators integral to its self-charging full-Hybrid drivetrain. This works with a 1.5-litre three cylinder petrol engine mated to an e-CVT auto gearbox that responds reasonably quickly to throttle inputs. Not only does the engine make it more fun to drive but also more economical and environmentally friendly.


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        The Mazda2 Hybrid is equipped with a full range of advanced and innovative driver-supporting safety technologies, along with technology to aid the driver and keep the occupants entertained and comfortable. The Mazda2 is full of the latest technology making it the perfect modern car for the future.

          Self-charging Hybrid At start-up and at low speeds, the Mazda2 Hybrid has the ability to drive in EV mode, offering smooth and quiet
          running in urban environments, with zero emissions.

          During normal driving, power is sourced between the
          petrol engine and electric motor for optimum performance and the best possible fuel efficiency. During deceleration and braking, kinetic energy is recovered as electrical energy and stored in the high-performance lithium-ion
          Apple CarPlay & Android Auto The in-car infotainment system allows for seamless
          connectivity between you and your Mazda. Information
          is displayed on a beautiful & clear central screen which is
          perfectly positioned at eye level.

          Access vehicle information and settings, entertainment
          options including DAB Radio. Connect your smartphone
          via Bluetooth to make and receive calls and access your

          You can also connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto which allows you to access your
          favourite music, messaging apps and navigation to get
          Safety technology Mazda2 Hybrid has various safety technology making it safer for occupants and other road users.

          The technology includes:

          - Lane tracing assist
          - Parking support brake
          - Automatic high beam
          - Pre-crash safety sytems
          - Blind spot monitoring
          - Dynamic radar cruise control
          - Heads-up display
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            Monument Bronze Content
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            Formal Red Content
            Luna White Content
            Northern Pearl White Content

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