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To ensure every vehicle complies with the minimum road safety and environment standards, it is a legal requirement that every vehicle over 3 years old is tested each year. At Norton Way Mazda in Letchworth in Hertfordshire we want your vehicle to keep you safe and be in the best condition every day.

We look at the most important parts of your car to make sure they meet key requirements, from wipers and washers to brakes and exhaust systems. Norton Way Mazda will make sure your Mazda is fit for the road all year round.

To book your Mazda in for an MOT, please call us today or enquire now below.

What to do before you get here

Prior to your vehicle’s MOT, take a few minutes to carry out some simple checks that account for thousands of MOT failures every year:

  1. Lights – Check all lights function properly and there are no faulty bulbs
  2. Brake lights – Ask a friend to check your brake lights come on when you press the brake pedal
  3. Number Plate – Check the font and spacing of the lettering is legal and make sure the plate is clean
  4. Wheels and tyres – Check that there’s no damage and that the tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm
  5. Seatbelts – Make sure they work properly and they react as expected when you brake heavily
  6. Windscreen – Any damage larger than 40mm on your windscreen will lead to a fail
  7. Windscreen wipers – Any tears or holes in the wiper rubber could well lead to a fail
  8. Screenwash – Top up the washer bottle before the MOT
  9. Horn – If it doesn’t work, you will need to get it repaired or replaced
  10. Fuel or engine oil – You can be turned away from your MOT without suitable levels of both to carry out emission tests