Mazda2 Introducing the Mazda2 Starting From £18,615.00

The 2023 Mazda2


The compact and agile 2023 Mazda2 combines great design with excellent functionality. With flowing lines and beautiful proportions that create a spirit of movement, this fun-to-drive car features a range of colours that accentuate a dynamic and delicate expression of the Kodo: Soul of Motion design.

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Choose from a stunning selection of vibrant and stylish colours, including the magnificent Soul Red Crystal. Every Mazda is hand-painted with our exclusive Takuminuri technology, which results in a precise, high-quality finish that looks like it was hand-sprayed by a master craftsman.

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Starting at £18,615.00

  • 15" Silver Metallic alloy wheels
  • Premium Black cloth seat trim with black gloss dashboard accents
  • Air Conditioning - Climate Control
  • Cruise Control - with Adjustable Speed Limiter
  • Door Mirrors - Body coloured electrically adjustable, heated auto power-folding
  • Integrated Mazda Navigation system with 8" Colour touch-screen display, Multimedia Commander featuring Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™ and 3-years free map updates

Starting at £19,825.00

  • 16" Black Metallic alloy wheels
  • Black cloth trim with Red accents
  • Door Mirrors - Black electrically adjustable, heated auto power-folding
  • Parking aid - Reversing camera
  • Shark fin antenna - Black

Starting at £20,365.00

  • 16" Bright alloy wheels
  • Premium Black cloth seat trim with black gloss dashboard accents
  • Door Mirrors - Body coloured electrically adjustable, heated auto power-folding
  • Parking aid - Reversing camera
  • Pre-crash safety - Advanced Smart City Brake Support - Front (SCBS)
  • Privacy glass (rear side and rear windows)
  • Security - Smart keyless entry

Starting at £21,365.00

  • 6-speed Manu­al
  • Elec­tric Power Ass­ist Steer­ing (Rack & Pin­ion)
  • Door Mir­rors - Body co­l­oured elec­tric­ally ad­just­able, heated auto power-fold­in
  • Head­lights - Dusk-sens­ing
  • Elec­tric Win­dows - front and rear with driver's win­dow one-touch func­tion
  • Head-up Dis­play - Co­l­our Act­ive Driv­ing Dis­play
  • Steer­ing wheel-moun­ted au­dio and Bluetooth® controls
Mazda2 Features


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Choose from a colourful and elegant choice of colours, including the gorgeous Soul Red Crystal. Every Mazda is hand-painted with our Takuminuri technology, which produces a precise, high-quality finish that looks if it was done by a master artisan.

    NEW EXTERIOR COLOURS Providing a dynamic and delicate expression of the Kodo: Soul of Motion design, the new Aero Grey and Air Stream Blue exterior colours were inspired by elements of nature.
    COLOURFUL GRILLE OPTIONS Centre-Line & Exclusive-Line grades feature a range of Grille designs, highlighting the shading and reflections of the exterior colours that compliment Mazda2´s Kodo: Soul of Motion design.
    LED HEADLIGHTS Striking LED headlights will not only impress you with their fresh and modern design, but also with the excellent visibility they offer on the road ahead.


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    At Mazda, we always prioritise the driver. That's why we've created a variety of convenience services that allow you to enjoy Mazda in your own unique way. These new driver-friendly features are intended to make purchasing and owning a Mazda as enjoyable as driving it.

      STAY CONNECTED Driving is even more enjoyable thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay® and wired Android Auto™. Easy phone connectivity allowing you to access your favourite mobile apps and entertainment options.
      INTERIOR UPDATES The interior of the 2023 Mazda2 includes updates to the seating and door trim materials, as well as a range of new interior coloured deco panels that contribute to the high-quality look and feel of the cabin.
      COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH SEATS Designed to ensure superior comfort and find the most comfortable driving position, the seats in the 2023 Mazda2 are designed to help prevent fatigue, helping you to feel relaxed at the end of every journey.


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      A 1.5 litre engine with an enhanced power output of 115ps is now available under the hood. Mazda M Hybrid* is available on select models for even better fuel efficiency and emissions reduction.

        E-SKYACTIV G Driving pleasure should never come at the cost of performance. Under the bonnet of our e-Skyactiv G models¹, our latest Mazda M Hybrid engine technology delivers impressive fuel efficiency, whilst maintaining high performance levels. From engine to chassis, the vehicle is designed to ensure an unrivalled driving experience with exceptional sense of control and clean combustion.
        DIAGONAL VORTEX COMBUSTION Our unique Diagonal Vortex Combustion technology allows greater fuel economy for the Skyactiv-G petrol engine. Combining this with the elegance of Kodo design and its thrilling driving experience, the 2023 Mazda2 makes the perfect city car.
        SAFETY THROUGH IN­NOVA­TION Like all Mazda cars, the 2023 Mazda2 is great to drive – intuitive, safe, easy and enjoyable. With a combination of intelligent passive safety design and our advanced i-Activsense safety features, you and your passengers can relax in confidence and just enjoy the drive.


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        Mazda2 features a variety of innovative technology that make driving safer and more enjoyable while also helping to preserve the environment.

          COLOUR ACTIVE DRIVING DISPLAY (HUD) The system projects full-colour information directly onto the pop-up perspex combiner within the driver’s line of sight. The
          displayed information is divided into upper and lower sections: driving information, including navigation, turn-by-turn direction
          and speed limit information displayed in the upper section, while vehicle status, including current speed and advanced safety
          equipment status, is displayed in the lower section.
          (Standard on 115ps Homura Aka only)
          LANE KEEP ASSIST SYSTEM WITH LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM Designed to prevent your vehicle from inadvertently straying from its lane. A front view camera monitors the road ahead
          and calculates the cars position relative to the lane markings. If the system detects the vehicle is moving out of its lane
          unintentionally, the steering wheel will vibrate and an audible alert will sound. The system will also take corrective action to
          help you stay within the lanes through assisted steering.
          (Standard on 90ps Centre-Line and above)
          ADVANCED SMART CITY BRAKE SUPPORT – FRONT Alerts the driver of a possible collision using the warning indications in the display and a warning sound if the front radar
          sensor and Forward Sensing Camera determine that there is the possibility of a collision with a vehicle ahead, pedestrian, or
          a bicycle. Furthermore, if a collision is unavoidable, the automatic brake control is performed to reduce damage in the event
          of a collision. In addition, when the driver depresses the brake pedal, the brakes are applied firmly and quickly to assist.
          (Standard on 90ps Centre-Line and above)
          REVERSING CAMERA On the centre console screen, a camera mounted at the back of the vehicle shows a clear image of everything going on behind the vehicle. The reversing camera helps direct you into parking spaces and avoid obstacles by providing a sharper vision when reversing, making parking easier than ever.
          BLIND SPOT MONITORING (BSM) WITH REAR CROSS TRAFFIC ALERT (RCTA) BSM uses radars mounted in the rear bumper to detect vehicles approaching from behind and in the adjacent lane. It alerts the driver to the presence of vehicles in the blind spot on either side by displaying an icon in the appropriate door mirror. If the driver indicates to change lanes with a vehicle in the blind spot, the icon flashes, and a warning beep is sounded. RCTA helps you make sure it’s safe to start backing up. The system uses the same radars and indicators as BSM to watch for vehicles coming from both sides and alert the driver when they come near.
          (Standard on 115ps Homura Aka only)
          SMART CITY BRAKE SUPPORT – REAR Reduces damage in the event of a collision by operating the brake control when the system’s sensors detect an obstruction
          at the rear.
          (Standard on 115ps Homura Aka only)
          DRIVER ATTENTION ALERT Designed to reduce accidents caused by inattentiveness due to driver fatigue. The system comes into play at speeds above
          40mph and begins to “learn” the driver’s habits, watching inputs and the vehicle’s movements in the early stages before fatigue
          is a factor. Later, if the system detects changes in vehicle behaviour that suggest the driver may be losing concentration, it will
          suggest a rest stop by sounding a chime and displaying a warning in the Multi-Information Display.
          (Standard on 115ps Homura Aka only)
          ADAPTIVE LED HEADLIGHTS Mazda’s Adaptive LED Headlights provide the ultimate in headlight technology, lighting up the road ahead as if it were daytime and allowing anybody to enjoy safe and stress-free driving at any time of day. The system increases visibility at night to help drivers stay vigilant by combining three technologies: Wide-range Low Beams which light up a wider area at low speeds, Highway mode which helps you
          see further when travelling at speed, and Glare-free High Beams which automatically dim part of the
          illuminated area to avoid dazzling other drivers.
          (Standard on 115ps Homura Aka only)

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